Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anna Hazare's viral spirals the Government to activity

Citizens Voice Versus Corrupt Netas- Defining Moment in India's History

Dear Veterans,
Fourth day (8 April) of Veteran Anna Hazare's fast has galvanised the whole country and all Indians around the globe. All proud indians who dream of corruption free India are also observing fast to confirm their solidarity with Anna Sahib. The number of Indians observing fast and participating in the movement has crossed millions. IESM is supporting the protest in more than 50 cities in India. Protests are now spreading from cities to villages and will very soon cover entire India. This looks like a repeat of movement like QUIT INDIA OR DANDI MARCH. I got calls from veterans in Australia and USA who are appreciative of the IESM stand on the issue and encouraged us to continue supporting Anna Hazare and the noble cause and confirmed that they are also observing fast for this noble cause. One veteran who has settled in Australia has been visiting the IESM tent with his family for the last two days in support of veteran Anna Hazare and IESM. There were more than 10000 proud Indians from all parts of India at Jantar Mantar through out the day.

Veteran Anna Hazare is true soldier and is in good health. Rigorous army training is keeping him fit even today. While four other demonstrators had to be given medical aid and probably hospitalisation. Anna Sahib's health is good and he is in high spirits. He has rejected the half-hearted approach of the emissaries of the PM and has requested the emissary to take his message to the PM, "People of India are fed up with corruption in high places and will not accept any half-hearted approach to tackle this dragon, the dragon of corruption has to be killed and buried once for all. India needs stronger and effective laws to curb this menace. India also wants rules for strict implementation of these laws and HENCE JAN LOK PAL BILL."

Some veterans have been suggesting that media is not interviewing IESM office bearers and IESM is not visible in the footage shown on TV. IESM has aligned with this campaign to show solidarity with the Anna sahib and his team and the cause. IESM members are intentionally keeping a low profile and not appearing for spot interviews as a planned strategy. IESM has confirmed to the organisers that all ex- servicemen family of 23 lac members is supporting this cause and will keep extending support to the peaceful and non-violent movement. IESM banner is placed in a stragic location and is prominently visible in TV projections.

IESM tent is manned by volunteers and members of Governing body round the clock. A register is kept there for all the veterans to sign and confirm their support to the cause. Veterans visiting the tent have been joining the IESM more than 60 veterans have joined IESM today and have given donations also while visiting IESM tent.

By now you must have heard the breaking news that Govt has bowed down to the wishes of veteran Anna Hazare and has agreed to all the demands. IESM salutes and congratulates Veteran Anna Hazare and all citizens of India for the victory of people against corruption. It only goes to prove that any Govt will bow down to the wishes of people and the vote bank if the people are united. IESM is giving a call for all ex-servicement to unite and fight for OROP and Govt will be forced to give OROP.
Veteran Anna Hazare will break his fast after the Govt issues the letter accepting all the demands of the movement. It may happen by tomorrow morning.

Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM

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