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ESL Uttrakhund- Yeoman Service for Family Pensioners

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 08:53:46 +0530
Hi Rawat, tremendous work. Makes one feel really proud. God bless you and your team. Regards,
Brig SC Kuthiala

From: rsrawat
To: kuthiala
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:17:30 +0530
Thank you Sir.
This is my second foray as part of "Farthest First". The earlier one was to Pipalkjoti in end Dec. We have helped 45 plus 16 ESM in these remote areas till now.
The banks have great faith in me. Every case sent by me is is settled promptly even by the CPPC Cell Dehradun. Even PNB Zonal office attaches great significance to my recommendations.
I have so far drawn approx Rs 1.5 cr from the banks in favour of ESM _ AT NO COST TO THEM & always at my cost as I do all errands for them in my car - even visit to the hills. Got my dad Rs 9.27 lakhs as arrears! Helped several Maj Gens get their arrears where they were awarded 10% penal interest. Most of the were unaware of the order & totally unaware of MS Excel & formulas.
I have helped several at Gurgaon too - latest case is of a Lt Col 's widow Mrs Reoti Charasia who I have been informed has been paid Rs 4 lakhs.
I can thank honest upright elders like you under whom I served.
I appreciate your letter on OROP.
Warm rgds
Raju Rawat
Brig RS Rawat, ESL Uttrakhund

From: rajender rawat
Sent: 14 April 2011 22:09
To: cs.kamboj
Subject: FW: Draft of Letter to CDA for incl name and DOB spouse
Importance: High

Dear Sir,
It was perhaps almost 2 years ago when I chanced upon the need to have the DOB of my wife endorsed in IHQ as also in a Corr PPO to be issued by the PCDA (Pension) so that when the time inevitably will come my wife will not have to knock the doors of Soldier Board & other ESM offices for assistance. Many very senior offrs took offence to this initiative stating that AG's Br already has this data. So, many, still to this date have taken no action.
The point I wish to highlight is that we at UESL have lost count of how many cases we have taken up with the IHQ, who, have been prompt enough to fwd the necessary letter to PCDA ( Pension) for issue of the Corr PPO. However to date, except for two cases, no one has been issued the Corr PPO.
The initial hurdle with the PCDA (Pension) was that a LPC cum Data Sheet had NOT been submitted. This was a new requirement as perhaps the good official at Allahabad did not want to browse through a maze of documents that we had to meticulously prepare & submit. Fair enough! The Data Sheet was prepared & forwarded. Still there has been no Corr PPO OR an ack. Perhaps the office is overloaded.
After all what is the great fuss that we are making over this subject - one may ask? This is why:-
(a) Smt Durga Maya Rai was paid approx Rs 2 lakhs as Addl Pension.
(b) Smt Rekha Rawat's LTA were paid to her son Col SPS Rawat.
(c) Widow of late Lt Col Kundan Singh Rawat was paid over Rs 1 lakh as Additional Pension.
(d) After over 6 months Smt Gayatri Gusain has still not been paid her Addl Pension. The GOI letter states that the bank will pay Addl Pension on submission of proof for a period of 6 months. This has NOT been done by Allahabad Bank till this aspect was brought to their notce. A total of over 10 trips have been made by me to this bank to resolve her FP & Addl Pension. Still no Addl Pension has been paid. A letter was written to PCDA (Pension) who promptly wrote back to IHQ to mail the LPC cum Data Sheet. Now at this end we are preparing the same for submission. Why are we doing this? Is this our job? If we don't who else will? AND if we do not then someone else will avail the LTA. How tragic - a widow will not be able to use the money meant for her during her life time.
The examples show how widows have got thier dues after our active intervention. Who is supposed to do all this?
Now I wish to come to the final point. PLEASE SEE WHAT THE INDIAN NAVY IS DOING & LEARN A LESSON. The NAVAL FOUNDATION has taken the initiative to post the attached application to all offrs who retired before 2006. Their procedure is simple with no hassles. PLEASE peruse this & compare it with the docus needed by PCDA (Pension). The former is simpler. Why are we being asked to present sheets of paper? Let me state here that IF the very first docu eg the easily obtained PAN Card has a fudged date no one will find out - neither the bank, Notary, Service HQ or PCDA Pension - all of who countersign it as correct! So, what kind of authentication & value addition is being accrued by preparing this document? Let us make it simple like the Navy has done.
Brig RS Rawat
Vice President UESL

From: capthsrawat
To: rsrawat
Subject: FW: Draft of Letter to CDA for incl name and DOB spouse
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 14:30:16 +0530
Harinder Singh Rawat

Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 09:45:19 +0530
Subject: Draft of Letter to CDA for incl name and DOB spouse
From: vvadhera
Dear Member,
Some of our veterans have on verification of their PPO have observed that name and DOB of their spouse is missing from the PPO. You may like to verify your own PPO and if so , pse. do forward a letter, as attached, to the CDA(P) earliest. Please note that the DOB or year of birth of the spouse is necessary for getting the family pension by your best half Wife when you decide to leave for the heavenly abode.
Secy, NFMC

Application for inclusion wife's DOB to PPO
File NO Date
The Principal Controller Of Defence Accounts (Navy).
Varuna, No. 1, Cooperage Road,
Mumbai 400001
Dear Sir,
Reference my PPO Nos:
and Govt of India, MOD, Dept of Ex-servicemen welfare letter No 17(4)2008(1)/D (Pen/Policy), Annexure – II (revised),Table-1 dated 20 Jan 2009.
1. Keeping the requirement of the Pension Disbursing Authority, regarding the authentication of the Name and Date of Birth of the widows by the Pension Sanctioning Authority (PSA) before payment of their entitled family pension/Additional pension; I request your office to issue me with a new PPO to include my spouse’s name and DOB.
2. My particulars are as under:-
(a) Personal No
(b) Rank
(c) Name
(d) Date of Birth
(e) Date of Commission
(f) Date of Retirement
(g) Present Basic Pension drawn
(h) Name of Spouse
(i) Date of Birth
3. I am forwarding the under mentioned documents duly attested pertaining to my wife Mrs……….. for your information.
a. Photocopy of her Passport/ PAN card/ SSLC Cert/ Voters Card/ Driving License/ ID card from PO/ Ration Card giving proof of DOB and Place of Residence.
b. Our Joint Photo (3copies).
4. May I request you to kindly issue a new PPO including the details of the Name & DOB of my spouse (Mrs... (DOB...) to my PDA whose details are given below with a copy to me.
5. Permanent Address:
6. Bank Address of the Bank branch from where pension is drawn(Pension SB a/c No....)
7. The new PPO will help my spouse to get her entitled family pension without any difficulties, if and when the need arises.
Thanking You,
Yours Truly
Cdr.Vijay Vadhera,N.M (Retd.)
Master Pilot , Mumbai Port Trust

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