Sunday, July 17, 2011

Majors and Equivalents Pension

Dear Major Sreedharan,
This refers to your mail published in REPORT MY SIGNAL 254/2011 dated 15 July 2011. Along with some other clarifications, I had asked Deptt Of ESW MoD through an application under RTI Act as to where minimum of pay band has been mentioned in the VI CPC report. I had also asked why new pay scale has been created for Lt Gen for whom the difference between minimum of pay band and minimum of the pay in the pay band is about 26% but Majors, for whom such difference is also about 26%, have been left out in the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries headed by Cabinet Secretary. They have not replied. My appeal to Central Information Commission was submitted in October 2010 but no date of hearing has yet been intimated to me. You have stated that Majors pension as per minimum of the pay band is 14100. Actually, CPC had specified that pension to be fixed as per Annexure II (based on revised pay scale) or Annexure I (PENSION PRIOR TO 2006 MULTIPLIED BY 2.26) whichever is higher. In case of Majors, pension as per Annexure I works out to 7550x2.26=14464 which is higher than 14100. If you have been getting pension of 14100, you must contact your bank to increase your pension immediately to 14464 and pay you arrears with interest @bank rate+2%. Interest will be applicable from 01 October 2008. Regards
AVM RP Mishra

Dear Brigadier,
I am sending a letter for your information. If you think it will be useful to Colonels and above, please circulate it in your RMS blog and kindly give publicity.
With regards
Major KP.Sreedharan (Retd)

Dear All,
I am a retired Major. I filed a petition along with others at the AFT Delhi for enhancement of pension and got a favourable verdict on 14 Sep 2010. So far the orders have not been implemented by the Govt. We the petitioners i.e. the affected retired Majors and their equivalents are initiating measures to ensure its implementation. In the verdict a very useful letter issued by the Government has been quoted by the AFT to differentiate between the phrases “Of the Pay Band” and “In the Pay Band“. I am mentioning this here, to draw the attention of all the retired Colonels, Brigadiers and Major Generals. I request you all to carefully go through the entire contents of the letter which is mentioned in the verdict as well as the table for calculation of the pension of retired majors given below and recalculate your pension accordingly. Presently your pension is being calculated on minimum OF the pay band and not minimum IN the pay band. The losses that accrue due to this anomaly is between Rs 2000/ to Rs 5000/ excluding DA as applicable every month Pre -2006 Majors Pension for 33 years of service was fixed as follows:
Minimum basic pay OF the pay band as taken by PCDA (P) for Major is Rs 15600/ Actual minimum basic pay IN the pay band for Major at 6 yrs service is Rs 23810/
Grade pay Rs 6600/ Grade pay Rs 6600/
MSP Rs 6000/ MSP Rs 6000/
Total Rs 28200/ Total Rs 36410/
50% of total Rs 14100/ 50% of total Rs 18205/-
Loss suffered every month = 18205 – 14100 = Rs 4105
With regards,
Major KP Sreedharan (Retd)

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