Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Nation Survives on the Indian Military- Poor Political Leadership is Demeaning

The portion below in Red sums up the people responsible most for the Government's bungling.
The IAS needs to be reigned in, otherwise it will ruin the future of the Nation. Our Bureaucracy is the worst in Asia as per a survey. What more proof is needed by the politicians to set up a commission to sort the IAS mess.
When we talk of poor Governance, it is primarily the IAS that we are referring to. They are never held responsible for any debacle. For 26/11 no IAS officer was hauled up where as it is they who denied the NSG required weapons, surveillance gadgets etc. In each war India has fought, our Armed Forces have been ill equipped as compared to our adversaries.
They can hold any appointment during service and after retirement. They cannot be proceeded against without Central Govt (IAS big wigs in Delhi), they get the most promotions and best pay packets (which are only a tip as compared to the perks they get and under hand money most of them make).
If India has to make double digit economic growth and corruption has to be brought down, wings of IAS must be clipped.
Harbhajan Singh
Lt Gen

To what depths can our babus sink to besmirch the name of an honest, bold, out-spoken Gen VK Singh? I lay this shameful episode at the doors of our babus. They control everything. Politicians are mere puppets. Yet when this whole sordid saga ends the babus will be not be held accountable !!!
Gp Capt VK Vidyadhar

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Army Chief Crisis: UPA & Judiciary equally to blame
Whatever the eventual fate of Gen Vijay Kumar Singh and his petition seeking legal remedy on the issue of his date of birth, the responsibility for driving the glorious institution of the Indian Army and its Chief into this fight rests on the shoulders of the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister, the Cabinet, the UPA supremo + Caucus, and above all, the Supreme Court.
This article expresses the anguish of common citizens who know that the nation survives because of the Indian Army and its peerless soldiers and officers, who often take flak and even sacrifice their lives needlessly because of poor political leadership.
Years ago, the Indian Judiciary was esteemed as the last bastion of hope for the common man in the face of rising corruption in the polity and administration. Today, many feel that the judiciary has belied that trust. The National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution rued:
“'Judicial system has not been able to meet even the modest expectations of the society. Its delays and costs are frustrating, its processes slow and uncertain. People are pushed to seek recourse to extra-legal methods for relief. Trial system both on the civil and criminal side has utterly broken down… Thus we have arrived at a situation in the judicial administration where courts are deemed to exist for judges and lawyers and not for the public seeking justice.”
Army Chief Crisis: UPA & Judiciary equally to blame by Sandhya Jain: click here to read more

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