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ESM News: Welfare Measures

Mon, 23 Jan 2012 01:43:07 GMT
India vows to step up welfare schemes for Indian ex-servicemen
From Shirish B Pradhan
Kathmandu, Jan 22 (PTI) India today underlined its commitment to welfare of its ex-servicemen living in Nepal as the two countries reviewed various projects for them in the country.
Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jayant Prasad said India is spending large amounts of money for carrying out various welfare activities for the benefit of its ex-servicemen in Nepal.
It is the concern of the government of India to make the life of the pensioners better and comfortable, he said in an address at the 22nd Annual General Meeting of Indian Ex-servicemen Welfare Organization in Nepal (IEWON).
Working under the aegis of the Embassy of India, IEWON is responsible for the welfare of nearly 90,000 Nepal Domiciled Indian pensioners from the armed forces.
The meeting was attended by senior Nepalese officials led by Defence Secretary Navin Kumar Ghimire, and a delegation from India led by secretary of the Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW) Samirendra Chatterjee.
The meeting aims to review welfare projects being executed for the benefit of former Indian servicemen and holding consultation on wide range of welfare issues with senior officials of Nepal.
The Indian government has been looking after the welfare activities of these veterans since 1952.
India is implementing 1,033 drinking water projects, medical welfare, educational and infrastuctural programmes for the welfare of ex-servicemen and their families residing in various parts of the country.
This year alone 16 such projects are being implemented with a total expenditure of NPR 3.64 crore.
People living in 17 villages across the country have benefitted from the various solar-electrification projects being implemented by India under the ex-servicemen welfare scheme initiated in 2002, the Indian envoy said.
More than Rs 4.62 crore have been spent by India in these projects, he added.
The Indian delegation is scheduled to address ex-servicemen rallies at Pokhara and will interact with the veterans, disabled soldiers and war widows, according to an Indian Embassy press release
click here: India vows to step up welfare schemes

Schemes for benefit of ex-servicemen: Vijayawada
January 12, 2012 admin Employment / Jobs, Government Initiatives / Support, News
The State government is providing several schemes for the benefit of ex servicemen and their widows, said District Sainik Welfare Officer G. Satyanandam.
Under the Prime Minister Self Employment Scheme, the government will provide loans ranging between Rs.5 lakh and Rs.25 lakh from banks.
The government will give 25 to 35 per cent subsidy on the loan and the beneficiaries should bear five per cent of the investment cost.
The government was giving ‘paavala vaddi’ (25 paise interest) loans to ex-servicemen for the last two years. Beneficiaries intending to do agriculture, launch Small Scale Industries can get Rs.5 lakh loan at 25 paise interest.
Interested retired Army, Navy and Airforce staff are requested to avail the opportunities, said Mr.Satyanandam.
Loans for ESM

KATHMANDU, JAN 22, 2012: demand for Pension Paying Office
Thousands of ex-Indian army men living in the western and far western regions of Nepal have demanded that a Pension Paying Office (PPO) be set up in Butwal.
“We have been forced to travel to Kathmandu only to receive pension as we have no such office here. It is really a painful affair for some of the pensioners who are above 85 years old,” said a pensioner requesting anonymity. “We have been waiting for almost eight years for a PPO in Butwal, but no progress has been made so far,” he added.
The Indian team mostly visits the city at the interval of six months to distribute pension. Of the around 124,000 ex-Indian army, paramilitary and civilian pensioners in Nepal, around 40,000 are living in Butwal and adjoining areas. Currently, two PPOs—based in Pokhara and Dharan—and 22 soldier boards are distributing pensions to the Indian army pensioners across the country.
Nepal government had agreed to provide land for the PPO in Butwal in 2004. However, two government entities—Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence—have been blaming each other for not cooperating to set up the office.
“The nature of the proposed PPO in Butwal is like a permanent office and the government had allocated more than 8 bighas of land in Butwal municipality. But it has become a political issue now,” said a senior government official. He said that they also need an approval from the Forest Ministry as some part of the land allocated to the PPO is covered by forest.
The issue was also raised as a prime agenda during the 22nd annual welfare meeting of the Indian Army Ex-servicemen Welfare Organisation in Nepal held in Kathmandu on Sunday. The meeting was attended by Defence Secretary Navin Kumar Ghimire and Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jyanta Prasad, among others.
Addressing the demand forwarded by the ex-servicemen in the program, Defence Secretary Ghimire said the issue will be addressed after discussion with concerned government authorities.
Ex-Indian army men demand pension office in Butwal

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