Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farewell to Welfare: New Mantra of the Ministry of Defence

The raging bulls of the Ministry of Defence strike again
Read more about the treatment meted to our war-injured and disabled soldiers:
Ajai Shukla / New Delhi Feb 21, 2012, 00:26 IST
Instead of safeguarding the welfare of retired soldiers, ministry effectively holds off payment until an ex-serviceman claimant is either dead or broke.
Ajai Shukla’s Opinion in Business Standard : MoD’s farewell to welfare

Report in ‘The Tribune’
This action of MoD was also considered against rules since defence pensionary provisions provide that all personnel released in low medical category were to be deemed as ‘invalided’ for purposes of disability pension.
MOD files plea against rounding off disability

Report in ‘The Hindustan Times’ Click here

It is crystal clear that while the higher echelons of the Ministry of Defence are sympathetic to the needs and requirements of veterans, it is the lower level appointments which twist and turn everything that may otherwise be going in favour of former service-members, and unfortunately the top brass tends to over-rely on such staff and cannot look through the game.

With a new Secretary Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW) at the helm who seems to be genuinely sensitive and is taking much more interest than his predecessor, let us hope for a better future. Though I would not like to sound pessimistic, but it’s nothing short of a mini-revolution that may ultimately be required to make the system accountable and to weed out the sadist elements from appointments at the cutting edge level. Be braced for tumultuous times ahead...
Posted by Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh at 10:15 PM

Comment: Maybe MOD needs to post poems in their offices to inspire their negative attitude!

A tribute To The Wounded Soldier
In unity we stand on the battle field
With one common goal
We fight side by side every day
We are attacked but we stand strong
We are tried but true
We will stand
Many people have fallen in battle
It is our duty to reach out to them
To pray for them
To love and provide them
And let god restore them
To fight once again
by Jonathan Poland

A Heroes Deed... Selfless acts of valor
He’ll give his life to save a world that treats him like a failure
A Heroes need, Is not lost in battle
He knows he strives for truth and nothing else will matter
He has a vision, an unending sense of pride
His motivation, born of something deep inside
He sees the news from home; they’re carrying their signs
He wonders if they know they have that right
Because of what the signs decry
by Aaron Letrick

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