Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No More Panic Button

Get Eyewatch for free on your Mobile Phone
1. In a bid to reach out to veterans to provide support to those who are staying all alone, a signal service through SMS has been thought of by DG Signals and had approached M/S “Eyewatch’ who have developed a free of cost, easy to use ‘Emergency Alert Application’ that can be easily installed on certain mobile phones which are GPRS activated.
2. This application can be very useful in any emergency situation. The application can trigger emergency alert via SMS and Email to your trusted contacts instantly informing them of your emergency situation. The application is also capable of tracking your location, recording an audio and video (or photos) of the situation automatically and displaying this information to your trusted contacts on a secure webpage. Important features of this application are:
  • Emergency Response Contacts
    You can register your trusted contacts as your Emergency Response Contacts (ERC) to be contacted at the time of any emergency situation by Emergency Alert activation by press/click of a button.
  • Location & Live Tracking
    The application instantly notifies your contacts of your current location, if you are in an emergency situation.
  • Audio and Visual
    The application automatically records a 30 second pre- alert emergency audio and a 20 second post alert video or 5 photos and displays these to your trusted contacts on a secure webpage.
  • Auto Connect
    The application instantly connects you to your contacts by calling them in a sequential manner.
  • Safety Confirm
    The application informs your contacts of your location when you are safe, without raising any emergency alert.

    3. The Eyewatch application presently works on Symbian (Nokia), Blackberry and Android Smartphone with an active GPRS connection. The application can easily be downloaded by the following means:
    (a) Through SMS: SMS “Eyewatch IA” to 53030 from your mobile phone. You will receive a download link: http://bit.ly/eyewatchalertapp Click on this link and select the application build which works on your phone. This link can also be obtained from the website http://ia.eye-watch.in by entering your mobile number in the “Download Eyewatch” section.
    (b) Through Internet On the internet, go to, http://ia.eye-watch.in click on the download eyewatch’ section on top right corner, select your mobile phone operating system and download the application on your computer/laptop and then use your USB cable to transfer the application to your phone. This is an exclusive link created for the Indian Army Veterans, Families and Ex-servicemen. Once downloaded, each user is requested to create an Eyewatch account either from within the application or from the website http://ia.eye-watch.in. You can choose a username and password of your choice and fill in your relevant details to create an account.
    4. For more information, please visit EyeWatch
    5. Veterans are encouraged to use this service.
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