Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NDA Commandant is answerable to Corruption Charges of his Staff officer

Brief Bio
IC- 27793X LIEUTENANT GENERAL JATINDER SINGH, AVSM**, SM, INFANTRY (The gallantry awards are more or less fair, some suspicion arose with Siachen fake killings and Ketchup Colonel scams but that is over, the distinguished service awards can make one laugh by their very predictable nature.)
The General Officer has had his schooling in Sainik School, Trivandrum and is an alumni of NDA 42nd course. He was commissioned into the prestigious Brigade of The Guards on 17 June 1973 after having graduated from IMA (he has seen no war service). The General Officer has had a balanced command and staff experience in the service. The General now commands the Prestigious National Defence Academy. Colonel Kulbir Singh, who is the staff officer of NDA Commandant Lt Gen Jatinder was found spinning money to the tune of Rs 2 Crores in recruitment scam unearthed by CBI (Well done CBI- get to the root please...)
NDA job racket busted; colonel among 6 held Rs 1.76 cr seized in raids; CBI suspects cash to be bribe taken from job-seekers
Busting a major recruitment process scam in the National Defence Academy (NDA), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested six people, including a serving colonel, for taking large sums of money from job candidates and promising them confirmed appointments to the posts of lower division clerks and Group C employees.
Colonel Kulbir Singh (left), who was arrested by the CBI for taking bribes from candidates seeking jobs with the National Defence Academy, at the Shivajinagar court yesterday
The questions that Lt Gen Jatinder Singh needs to answer honestly regarding Civilian Recruitment scam involving Rs 2 crores in bribes.
1. Why are you overweight and phyically unfit? Do you embody physical standards of recruits?
2. Are you really medically fit or have you fudged the Medical results?
3. Are you 9 pointer with 9 points for honesty in all your ACR's?
4. Are you a sychophant?
5. Why have you selected your SO from your own Regiment and from the same region?
6. The bribe involving Rs 2 crores was transacted by your SO and hence you are aware of it?
7. Do you know about your subordinates? Are they living within their means?
8. Are you advocating five star culture in the NDA?
9. What ethos is being imbibed to cadets through your selected staff?
10. Do you influence postings through MS branch and MOD?

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