Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sting Operation Traps Major General in Supply of Rations to Troops in High Altitude

Shiv Aroor | Headlines Today | New Delhi, June 25, 2012 | UPDATED 21:51 IST
Now, army probes bribe charge against ASC major general in Jammu and Kashmir A senior army officer, attached to a Northern Command unit, has come under investigation over the allegation of corruption for contracts that deal with the supply of rations to soldiers in India's most hostile zone, Jammu and Kashmir.
Sources told Headlines Today that the Major General at Army Supply Corp (ASC) in Udhampur, V.K. Sharma, who oversees the procurement and supply of rations for soldiers in the north, has come under the scanner for corrupt collusion with private contractors to manipulate supplies.
There have been multiple complaints against Maj Gen Sharma, but it was understood that he was caught red handed in a sting operation after he allegedly demanded bribes for contracts.
The shameful allegation comes as yet another big embarrassment for the army, which has received various kinds of accusations against some its top officers in the recent past.
The reason why the army has been taking the case seriously was that there have been many high profile cases in the past when even a chief of the ASC was caught in shameful acts of corruption. Cheating soldiers out of their very basic due has always been seen as the lowest, most condemnable form of corruption.
It clearly shows that the soldiers guarding India's northern frontiers along the Line of Control (LoC) and in the Ladakh region have more than just the enemy to look out for.
Investigations were still on and there were no indictments yet, but the army once again faces the terrible prospect of the enemy being one of its own.
Read more at: Bribe charge against ASC major general in Jammu and Kashmir
Sources said the Northern Command received several complaints against the officer, mostly from contractors who accused him of demanding favours in return for awarding contracts. Given the serious nature of the complaints and the senior rank of the officer, an operation was carried out by Army authorities to probe the matter.
According to reports, the officer was caught red-handed in a possible “sting operation” involving a contractor. “A court of inquiry has been ordered into allegations of financial impropriety against Maj Gen Sharma,” confirmed a senior Army HQ officer, denying that the officer has been placed under detention.
Maj Gen Sharma was in charge of supplies for the vital Northern Command, which has the largest number of soldiers deployed for counter insurgency and border duties. The command procures crores worth of rations and supplies for soldiers posted at the Siachen glacier, Kargil, the Kashmir valley and along the Line of Control.
Comment: Traitors in Army Supply Corps need to be got rid off expeditiously and ruthlessly. These guys are the enemy within supplying Gasoline adulterated with water to the forward troops and contaminated Rations. Indian Army mobility severely compromised by Corruption in forward Areas. Chinese laws must be implemented here- SHOOT the Traitors.

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