Sunday, September 23, 2012

IAS Officer wants the military command and control chain to be tinkered constantly by bureaucrats

Ref: Making A Public Issue Of Demands by Ashok Kapur IAS
Ashok Kapur, IAS (Retd): Who was he?
A former bureaucrat, he served as Director, Central Vigilance & Jt Secretary, Govt of India, Chairman, Drafting Committee of UN Disarmament Conference on Biological Weapons, Geneva, among other postings. Following retirement as Principal Secretary, Govt of West Bengal, he did MICA and FICA. Currently he is Secretary General, Institute of Directors (an NGO) and Arbitrator, Member, Board of Governors, International Academy of Law, headed by former CJI, Justice Bhagwati. A post-graduate from Delhi Univ, he joined the IPS and stood first in all-India, 1966 and joined the IAS in 1967. He is an LLB from Delhi Univ and has a Ph.D in Urban Planning from NIUA, Delhi & appointed as Associate Prof (Urban & Environmental Planning).
Ashok Kapur favours corruption as against Lokpal Bill- Under the guise of a basic postulate of the rule of law is that all laws placed on the statute book must conform to the Constitution
Please don’t pass the Lokpal Bill
Comment: Bureaucrats have turned India into a den of thieves- It is now a safe haven for thugs and culprits. Thanks to IAS! Ashok Kapur should, after retirement, confine his expertise in Urban planning in all Metros which is now barely livable.

The article by Mr Ashok Kapur, a former IAS officer- Click Here
It needs a rebuttal. Matter of fact. Unemotional. Contesting the vast number of irrelevant, misinformed points raised by him.
It is fortunate that we now know how the Bureaucratic mind works. Transparent in this spiteful article, the contents reflect the sort of conversation that obviously takes place behind closed doors and minute sheets in MOD and other closely confined decision making bodies.
Few observations I have on this are:
  • Inadequate research, ie statements unsubstantiated by facts.
  • A desperate bid to counter the COS appointment being currently talked about,
  • Mistaking Civil Control as control by Bureaucracy- that, as he says, needs strengthening,
  • Need for Parity in Pay and Pensions with civilians- he forgets that the parity in pay and even status has been tinkered by civil services even after Pay Commissions gave an award,
  • He forgets that we don't have representation on Pay commissions and so an 'unscrambling of the omelette' has to take place when there are anomalies introduced surreptitiously even after the finalization of the CPC report.
  • The bottom line seems the aim to stop COS as a concept, and to introduce methods to strengthen the Civil Services. I am working on and would be responding. Other Veterans may do the same. As they say, One good deed deserves another. Please don't restrict your response to Veteran circles.
    With Warm Regards,
    Veteran Col RP Chaturvedi
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