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Ref: Govt enhances pensions of retired soldiers, 'one-rank, one-pension' still distant by Rajat Pandit, TNN Sep 24, 2012, 11.05PM IST
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  • Armored Fish (NAuru) 27 Sep, 2012 08:58 AM
    It is not understood why the entire English print and TV media are projecting the "One Rank One Pension" having been implemented. This is pure misinformation by the corrupt media who are always hand-inglove with the power brokers of Dilli. Further, despite the world having moved far enough with the rise of Facebook, Twitter and domain expertise , IT IS NOT YET UNDERSTOOD WHY ALL MATTERS PERTAINING TO THE ARMED FORCES OF INDIA HAVE TO BE UNDERTAKEN BY BUREAUCRATS WHOOSE ONLY CLAIM TO BEING INTELLIGENT IS HAVING PASSED A BORING ENTRANCE TEST. THE BUREAUCRATS ARE TOTALLY OUT OF SYNC WITH TODAY'S WORLD AND THEIR SKULLDUGGERY AND TOM FOOLERY WILL NOT LONGER WORK!" All over the world, experts are appointed to do a piece of work, electrical engineers do their bit of work and economics like the Chief Economic Advisor to India, Mr. Raghuraman are hired by the people of India (through the their representative "The Government of India" to handle our ecenomy better. In the HR (Human Resources) world and the Indian Armed Forces theri are domain specialists who rpecisely know the issues of "One Rank One Pension" and yet they are systematically sidetracked. All these years. Compare that with our masters who get themselves employed by the People of India (through a foggy elections of course!) and grant themesleves life-time pensions with a few days of work. Compare that to that of a soldier ( who is not less than a sandhu or a faqir who dedicates his life for a the quisling fools to get a few bread crumbs at the end of his service tenure - which is a long one - compounded by the fact that he has to leave early at a relatively young age and becomes a useless commodity to a heartless society that is India. But in this Hindoostan the Indian Armed Forces have been a gift by the Britishers and to preserve this last bastion the current crop of Chandra Gupta Mauryas and Chankyas (Kautilyas ) of Dilli have to take a stock - whether to go the road the Nandas of Magadh took or something similar to the era of of the Mauryas in Patliputra many eons back. They should read Arthashashtra ( the ancient book by Chanakya and followed as the standard read for many countries around the world and India's adversaries as well) first before attempting anything else like modern day economic juggling as a means to fool the people.
  • Premangsu Chowdry (Abroad part of the year) 27 Sep, 2012 08:53 AM
    The response from the government on the " joke " of the recent measly sop for the old pensioners from the Services needs immediate comprehensive final decision. Sixty years ago, the Nehru government arbitrarily and drastically cut down the pay and allowances of the British days of those commisioned after the Sandhurst days in the early thirties ; the option for them to get out of the Services by anyone disssatisfied with the firman (decision) were made clear to people like this commentatotor in writing in a printed letter signed by the PM .brususquely Some chucked the Services immediaately and became well-known top executives in some of the business and industrial houses or just went back to their lands or abroad. Others hopefully felt that the next elected government would not cheat them and things would be restored. The original despicable moans of the various governments of the paucity of funds had the first beginning for the Services. The latter were in no doubt about how they would be continued to be treated in future; and " kept in their places" till kingdom come. The fiercest national spirit which burned in the Servicemen for the honour and safety of the Country and its people ,and kept them going inspite of the doubts cast on them from the examples across the Country's borders of the Military taking over the Country. Six long decades have proved to a series of governments of different hues how abysmally wrong they had been in their misplaced judgement of the only loyal element in the Country. A 92 year old retired general officer who served in many parts of the world in sensitive assignments, may leave a message in the late evening of his life for India's future rulers,. Do not continue to cheat the Services in their dues by manipulations within the politico-bureaucracy, and crying paucity of funds in the face of scams of their predecessors and worth amounts of money enough to run the Country for years. The great virtue of patience has its limits. Only the blind and those bereft of wisdom fail to understand that.
  • Amar Prasad (Pune) 26 Sep, 2012 12:33 PM
    There is no doubt that all the politicians of all hues are rascals and particularly congressmen. They form an unanimity whenever they want to increase their own salary, perks and pelf but soldier who sacrifice prime of their life for the sake of the nation has to beg for his rightful every now and then. WHY? because by giving them their dues these rascals can not have their cut from the allocation as they get in other relief works like flood and drought. Even SPHINX, who becomes furious when names are called can not explain her aloofness from this issue which is related to not only dignity of soldiers but their home and hearth too. She is doing everything to foist YUVRAJ as the PM of country at public expenses. How else she will explain her communal publicity through media. Who has stopped them to uplift the social and health standard of people who need them the most. The answer is simple our own JAICHANDS (The congressmen). Had soldiering been so inconsequential not many youth of the country would have joined Armed Forces to protect the nation. Getting protection and full belly at public expenses is not he birth right of politicians and soldiers are left in lurch. This government of SPHINX has ample money to spend for NREGA and ill conceived Food Security Bill and such many more stupid schemes which does not benefit the intended lot but politicians and their henchmen. Either this government should meet the genuine demands of veterans or should deny them with conclusive reasoning. If expenses are same for the person whether he retires now or fifteen years back then why there should be any disparity in pension. Have the people, who retired early have committed any sin and new retirees are some thing special species. In fact, this is not at all the case of new versus old, but equality which our venerable constitution guarantees to us. Then this is totally incomprehensible solution (Govt version of OROP) and reprehensible the decision of this bold again MMS. MMS is 80 and he himself gets hefty pension from world agencies and understands its need, but he is not bold enough to accede the rightful OROP. STILL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU PMji!!
  • Ramesh Kumar (Panchkula (Haryana)) 25 Sep, 2012 09:58 PM
    Ex-Servicemen are Men who have devoted their prime part of life for serving the country without looking after their families specially Other Ranks because they don't have sufficient family accommodations even at peace stations, and they also not allowed outliving due to nature of duties. While there are field postings where family accommodation is not available or families not allowed and they also don't have enough salary for shifting them at cities. Interesting thing is that proposal for Other Ranks Salaries given in 1996 so low that government wanted to give more benefits to other ranks (Honorable Defense Minister Sh. Mulayam Singh Yadav disclosed it at Interview with BBC). Other Ranks remain under so much stress because they know what is future of their families. When they retire at 30-40 years of age they are counted as unskilled person and their prime part of life also had gone. Now they have study of their children, Shelter and Marriages (Main Expenses of their life). After considering all above why these soldiers who have wasted prime time of their lives and counted as unskilled and used as a watchmen by the security agencies at very low salaries and 12 * 7 days duty. Why any one of our officers who took our duties and led us during the period which worst our families has not proposed for confirmed job at Home Ministry at the same district or State. Why ? Soldiers who retire during early age (30-40 yrs) should be enrolled direct into the armed police/ other such type of duties where they can earn their livelihood till the completion of 58 or 60 years of age so that they can cast their social responsibility at the later end. Their families, who always felt social insecurity due to residing far from their Husbands and Fathers. They can feel economically at the level of others. But unfortunately, decision making and proposal placing authorities are given to officers only, they never raised these points. Can you tell me why ? Why we have to go to security agencies and have to do as a watchman with less than minimum salaries at 7 * 12 hours duty why no one thinking who are beneficiaries of these innocent ex-servicemen (ORs). Govt enhances pensions of retired soldiers, 'one-rank, one-pension' still distant.
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