Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rank Pay and OROP: Hostile attitude towards the ex-servicemen

Separate Armed Forces Pay Commission Needed: BJP
New Delhi | Jul 06, 2010
Accusing the government of failing to redress the grievances of ex-servicemen, BJP president Nitin Gadkari today asked the Prime Minister to set up a separate Pay Commission for defence forces.

In a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Gadkari said "a separate pay commission for defence personnel will solve many anomalies, which successive ten yearly pay commissions have handed down to the defence forces personnel."

He said the "discontentment" should be removed before it "creeps into the serving soldiers and lowers their morale too".

Demanding early implementation of one rank one pay (OROP), he said despite various statements both inside and outside Parliament by the government, the disparities in pension of ex-servicemen due to their date and year of retirement exist even today.

He said the Sixth Pay Commission has done little to solve the problem.

Gadkari said defence personnel, particularly those below officers rank, retire very early which creates problems for them in fulfilling their responsibilities, including meeting the demands of growing up children.

He suggested that such retired personnel should be inducted into other "security services" and be allowed to serve upto the age of 60 years.

The BJP chief also demanded that the government withdraw its application filed before the Supreme Court requesting it to rehear the case relating to anomalies in the Fourth Pay Commission regarding rank pay to armed forces personnel besides the revised pay scales.

"When the Supreme Court judgment came for putting this anomaly right, the government instead of obeying the order filed an application to rehear the case and modify the order. This, to say the least, is tantamount to a grossly hostile government attitude towards the ex-servicemen," he said.
Separate Armed Forces Pay Commission Needed: BJP

Related article regarding present ESM pension
The pension of PBOR and JCOs who retired before October 10, 1997, (implementation date for the Fifth Pay Commission recommendations) will be brought at par with the pension of those retired after that date. The pension of those retired before January 1, 2006 including the 1997 group will be substantially hiked to come close to those who retired after the cut-off date of January 1, 2006 (implementation date for the Sixth Pay Commission). Once realised, the new pension scheme will lead to creation of two groups of pensioners in the armed forces with January 1, 2006, serving as the cut off date.
“This is not OROP. Those who retired after January 1, 2006, will get higher pension. The government has just bridged a gap for the JCOs and PBORs,” Maj Gen Satbir Singh, vice chairman of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement told Deccan Herald. Both decisions would be implemented from July 1, 2009, resulting in enhanced pension for more than 12 lakh jawans and JCOs.
Relief for ex-servicemen by Kalyan Ray, New Delhi: Deccan Herald
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