Friday, July 9, 2010

US aid fuels dangerous deal in Pakistan

Please do read the article in Boston Globe titled "US aid fuels dangerous deal in Pakistan". click here
Also comments below by Mr. Ram Narayan.

USA is fully aware of the proliferation of nuclear and missile know how by Pakistan to N Korea,Iran, Algeria etc.Pakistan may have also done the same with Saudi Arabia. It will not hesitate to facilitate making of a small dirty nuclear device by Islamist extremists/providing them such a device, which may be used against India based on its national interests. For example in an adverse war situation with India, Pakistan may use such a device as an act of terrorism rather than use nuclear weapons openly!!

USA also cannot be immune from such a covert attack by Alqaeda and any other Islamist extremist organisation, material for which would come from Pakistan.

Due to reasons best known to US authorities, Pakistan has escaped retribution for past serious acts of proliferation. It won't be an overstatement to say that Pakistan has been the epicenter not only of
terrorism but also of nuclear/missile proliferation. There is no way but to disinvest Pakistan of nuclear capability, since Pakistan has proved its intentions repeatedly to seek and provide nuclear and missile technology, covertly and deny proven acts in this matter blatantly, time and again. It
is just inconceivable that Nuclear Head Abdul Qadeer Khan could carry out all the nuclear and missile deals with countries named above on his own!!

How and when USA and its allies disable/take out Pak Nuclear assets is a
topic for separate discussion. USA also has to bring this subject head on with China and NATO. Continued Pussy footing is fraught with danger.
Harbhajan Singh
Lt Gen (Retd)

Dear General Harbhajan Singh,
Some days ago, I had sent the following Selig Harrison article titled, "US aid fuels dangerous deal in Pakistan," published in the Boston Globe of June 29th, to a select few. Harrison had highlighted several crucial and alarming scenarios for Pakistan, the U.S, India, and the global community.

His grim conclusion:
“Pakistan poses many dangers to the United States, notably its aid to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan and the use of its territory for the training of would-be suicide bombers. But the greatest of all is that fissile material will be smuggled out of its nuclear facilities by undetected Islamist sympathizers and that a future leadership infiltrated by Islamists will risk a nuclear Armageddon in Mumbai or Washington.”

I did get some excellent feedback from the few who received my message. In view of the dire consequences of inaction pointed out by Harrison, friends have advised me that it should go to everyone on my list

The question is: What can – and MUST – be done urgently to mitigate, and avoid the frightful consequences of the conclusion of Harrison.

It is imperative that the governments, people, and strategic thinkers in America, Pakistan, India, and the world community immediately address this festering issue. There is general consensus – across all political ideologies, governmental leaderships, and the common women and men on the street in any city or town of the U.S., Pakistan, India and any corner of the globe that such a rogue situation may horrendously, truly face any of us in a not too far future.

Isn’t it incumbent on leading thinkers and influencers to share with wider and governmental machineries and help or influence them to coalesce to pragmatic action IMMEDIATELY?

May I request your views on this important matter? More importantly, I solicit your suggestions on what pragmatic steps must be taken IMMEDIATELY to help prevent this dangerous slide over the cliff?

My idea is to compile the suggestions received (you may choose to remain incognito, in case you wish – but please let me know how I should attribute your suggestions in the compiled report) and get a message out to you and to various authorites in the US and India.

Please go through Harrison’s article, and let me have your thoughts ASAP.
Ram Narayanan
US-India Friendship

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