Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fight against unsavoury comments in the Media about the Armed Forces

Ref: Criminal Charges Against IAS/ IPS Officers to restore Public Confidence
From: P Surendra Nath
Sent: 07 September 2010 20:35
Cc: Brig Chander Kamboj, VSM
Dear Sir (Wg Cdr SC Kapoor),
I have been following your relentless fight against comments on Defence Forces written with malicious and bad taste in the press - more specifically from 'Times of India' with great interest and appreciation. I now wish to congratulate you for the success that you are achieving through Press Council of India on such writings. Sir, keep it up - we are all with you.
With respectful regards,
Lt Cdr (Retd) PS Nath

From: Amit Bhadhuri
Sent: 07 September 2010 19:15
Dear Brig. Kamboj,
I refer to your email in the blog regarding the success of Wg Cdr Kapoor in winning complaints against infactual and unsubstantiated news involving Indian Armed and Para-Military forces.
You have quite rightly suggested, that, we should set up a sub-committee under the leadership of Wg. Kapoor to take up the prospective complaints and then pursue them through the Press council of India. Having worked in the legal system in the UK, I have seen, in most criminal cases CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) will only charge the defendants where CPS feel there is al least 65% chance of winning the cases in the courts. And at the same time in employment cases lawyers will normally take up such cases only, where there is a 70% chance of winning the cases.
Therefore, you idea of all prospective complaints should go to the sub-committee is an appropriate one. The committee then should study the merit of the cases and should only pursue such cases, which will have sound prospects of winning.
With best wishes,
Amit Bhadhuri
Former CISF officer

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind. Kindly read the email below.
Wg Cdr SC Kapoor, for over a year has been taking on the Indian Press head-on.
As far as my knowledge goes, this is the second case he has won in Press Council of India – may have been more such cases. The earlier case Wg Cdr Kapoor won was against the caption of a photograph - a band playing in Kargil on Kargil Diwas Day; caption was “Blowing Own Trumpet”.
Since Press Council is being very fair and just – I suggest all of us should be on the lookout now and if you find any derogatory remarks against the Defence Services– lodge a formal complaint with Press Council Of India.
I am sure Wg Cdr Kapoor will be too happy to give us advice how to proceed with the case.
The best thing would be that we help Wg Cdr Kapoor and create a team which should centrally take on all complaints against the Press. We should bring the cases to the notice of Wg Cdr Kapoor first and then act as per his advice. Too many un-coordinated complaints going to Press Council can be counterproductive.
Only strong cases should be taken up– targeting one newspaper/ magazine at a time.
Gradually all of them will be on their guard and will stop misbehaving with the Defence Services.
On behalf of YOU ALL, ‘i’ congratulate Wing Commander SC Kapoor for running this show as ‘ONE AIRMAN FAUZ against the might of Indian Press’
Veteran CS Kamboj

To:The Editor, The Times of India
Please refer to the letter from Press Council of India, Soochna Bhawan, 8-CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003 issued under file no. 14/55/09-10-PCI dated 16.8.2010 addressed to the undersigned and copy to you and The General Manager (Legal), Legal Department, The Times of India, 7, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110 002 forwarding a copy of the decision "rendered by the Press Council of India on July 30, 2010 at New Delhi for your information/necessary action/compliance." Extracts from the said letter are given below
Mr. Editor, kindly ensure to follow the advice/guidelines issued by the Press Council of India while keeping in view the sensibilities of the readers.
Also, please intimate the date on which the apology was published in the Times of India.
Warm regards. Have a nice day, Sir.
Wing Commander SC Kapoor (retd)
Member Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) Veterans Groups

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