Saturday, September 11, 2010

OROP: SC moots a Commission to resolve pay anomalies

OROP: One More Heave We will be There
I was very heartened to read in the Newspapers that the Supreme Court had castigated the govt for denying the Armed Forces their legitimate dues in reference to the govt's appeal against its earlier award in Maj Dhananpalan's case. All right thinking people have accepted the case of ESM, except the cussed bureaucrats. The politicians I am afraid, are held by their short hair by the babus and policemen, as they are privy to the skeletons in the formers cupboards (having helped them hide them!). But how long can one tell lies and get away with it? As a kid I remember the moral of all the Batman and Superman comics I used to read - CRIME DOES NOT PAY. When will the people in power realise it? The people are going to punish them for all their misdeeds.

I am pleased that the SC repeated Chanakya's advice to Chandragupta to the Solicitor General. The Court, however, did not complete the latter part of the sentence which stated, "O King, if you do not look after the needs of the people who look after the country, you do not have the right to be where you are".

IESM has done a stellar job of highlighting the plight of servicemen and exservicemen, to our countrymen and an unsympathetic govt, which is being led by the nose by a self serving bureaucracy. Ever since Independence it has been featherbedding itself, while it has been letting corruption thrive under its charge and showing the politicians the way to be evermore corrupt.

Every day we read in some of our servile media that an IAS, IPS, Customs or Income Tax officer has been caught amassing unimaginable wealth. But it appears on page 6 or 7. On the contrary even if a distant relative of a serviceman is involved in a crime, the reference to a serviceman is never forgotten, and splashed on the front page. Fortunately, Wg Cdr Subhash Kapoor's crusade against one of the newspapers has started paying dividends and the newspaper has been asked twice, to publish an apology. However a number of newspapers and TV channels have been very balanced and covered both sides impartially. A trait we admire.

Finally, I would like to congratulate and thank each and every one of our ESM, friends and sympathisers who have contributed their time and energy in helping us reach this stage in our fight against injustice.
Jai Hind
Lt Gen SK Bahri (Retd) (1st JSW Course, Former MGO)

IESL & IESM (Unity effort-1)
IESL & IESM can easily join,
'Cos they are two sides of the same coin.
Difference is only in their name,
As their aim and objective is nearly same.
IESL has size and IESM has speed,
Together they can complete the deed.
Let ego and proud disappear,
And unity and grace reappear.
They can sit accorss the table and decide
And let the great opportunity not slide.
It is for those two million ex servicemen,
That we officers work and toil as gentlemen.
Their unity will bring thunder,
Then none can commit a blunder.
This is my humble request,
Let it not get simply past.

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