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A Strategic Perspective for the Corps of Signals

“The vision of Signals Corps is to attain and maintain informatics ascendancy by developing infostructure to cater for Network Centric Warfare in a digitized battlefield of tomorrow. The aim and objective of Signals Corps is to make the Indian Army Network Enabled Force by 2012 and Network Centric Force by 2017”
Extracts from Official Website of Indian Army– Corps of Signals

1. It has been rightly commented that the saga of wars has been a narrative of human ingenuity and resilience amidst all adversities. The tales of valour epitomizes the ‘never say die’ attitude of the soldier. The Corps can be justifiably proud of its alacrity and professionalism of the highest order rubbing shoulders with their brethren from the combat forces. In the words of one of the former SO-in-C’s, the Saga of the Corps has been “a story of enterprise and endeavor, of accomplishment, and of courage and consistency. The methods of signaling used in the yester years may appear very primitive today, and one can only marvel at their ingenuity and determination.” The tasks on hand for the Corps have been unenviable, given the thirst for signal communications and keeping them ‘through’ always and every time. The accolades won testify the dexterity and technical acumen punctuated with combat skills exhibited by all ranks of the Corps. Some invaluable major pioneering efforts have been the “Area Grid Systems’, the ‘ASCON’, ‘Enterprise Wide Messaging Network’ and ‘Cellular Communications’.

2. As a part of the Centenary celebrations, it is planned to release the Third Volume of The Corps History, a compilation done by a dedicated and committed Veteran of The Corps-Maj Gen (retired) VK Singh. This painstaking compilation would surely reflect on the rich and valuable contributions by all concerned during the period under review. Also it would set the right framework for similar compilation of the ensuing years to the present day .There is another monumental contribution by yet another visionary of the Corps—Maj Gen (Retd) Yeshwant Deva,AVSM—“Dedicated to my son-The Signalman” as he puts it. Laced with a strenuous research spread over two decades, this book titled “Sky is the Limit” is a first hand account of the ‘SIGNALS’ in Operation Pawan, highlighting some very defining and inspiring acts of valor , dedication and commitment our Corps personnel.

3. As we draw inspiration from the performance of the Corps in the years gone by, it is also a good time to reflect on the future especially the challenges that lie ahead and how we view the ‘the core competencies’ of the Corps in the coming years.. We should logically arrive at a strategic perspective paving the way for what needs to be done internally to culminate into a well thought out strategy for execution and as a long term orientation of the Corps against the backdrop of warfare of the future. There is yet another factor we have to contend with namely the influence of ‘technology’. It is tough to make predictions especially of technology, but we do have some idea as to what are likely in the years ahead. The speed and convergence of scientific and engineering disciplines promise to fundamentally change the nature of deployment and redeployment, and prolonged sustainement of forces. Discovery and innovative breakthroughs in scientific areas related to high density- energy sources, superior material reliability, and information and knowledge fusion across the operational, intelligence, and logistics domain will vastly increase the combat readiness and operational effectives of the Armed Forces. The Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) has become a reality and has brought in significant changes in military doctrines at one level and in hardware at the other. Military technologies are changing rapidly and their procurement and induction demand a proper understanding of the wide array of the technology spectrum. We need to factor all these aspects in the strategic perspective of the Corps.
Looking Beyond the Horizon— Adapting to Netcentric Warfare(NCW) Paradigm...
A Strategic Perspective: click here to read more

Lt Gen (Retd) SRR Aiyengar, PVSM, AVSM, VSM has served in the Corps for nearly four decades and commanded three premier training institutions namely MCTE, DSSC and NDC.

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