Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Games Babus are playing with Indian Military Veterans

  • War Widow getting Rs70 a month as pension
  • The Armed Forces Tribunal throws up its hands
  • Supreme Court moots and Solicitor General mutes Redressal Commission for the Armed Forces

    This was expected. The formation of the Tribunal was just a momentary thrill for us `Faujis`. I had written in one of my earlier comments post the OROP issue by Barkha Dutt on NDTV, that the `Babus` must be laughing at the AFT `rulings`.
    That is exactly what they are doing & 'enjoying the last laugh too' at our expense. Did we really think that things would change - laughable! The 'Babus' will not let go their turf so easily. The `netas` for them are 'dispensable & disposable'. They don`t bother about JPCs/Commissions of Inquiry/Supreme Court rulings/etc, will they bother about AFT Recommendations?
    Even the proposed AFGRC will meet the same fate. The only solution is what is happening in Tunisia/ Yemen/ Egypt. A small beginning was made on 30 Jan `11 at Ram Lila Grounds as part of a `Fight Against Corruption`. We must all join this movement as the IESM has done & strengthen it.
    Brig SS Jaswal, Veteran Madras Sapper,
    IESM, Panchkula.

    The soldiers, including veterans, can trust these people in government only at their own peril. Moily keeps on harping about reducing court cases by reducing govt litigation and then goes on with appeal after appeal in the case of remuneration of service people including veterans. Even the rank pay due to armed forces officers since 1986 has not been paid till date. These days government has not only become synonymous with corruption but also with treason! It appears that soldiers are sacrificing their lives to sustain thugs, scoundrels and traitors in offices of authority in this country.
    Maj PM Ravindran (Retd)

    I could not file my response, but am copying it from the site. May I request you to please post it on NDTV if you have the facility? You may do this on your behalf/ mine, as deemed fit. Thanks. Click link

    If the Government was concerned, they would have done the enhancement of the widow's pension on their own and not after nudging by the Supreme Court... sigh, and then the Govt speaks of 'judicial overreach'. As for 'regard' for the service community, the lesser said the better. Ministry of Defence is ONE ministry where the novice arm chair theoreticians control and pretend to 'look after' the team of seasoned experts. Lacking knowledge and empathy, working with them is like 'sleeping with the enemy'... Its easier to fight Pakis, than our own mandarins. What is for the soldiers good, is not decided by one who IS or HAS BEEN a soldier, but by one who far from having any understanding whatsoever of the ethos of the profession of arms, instead has a hostile sibling rivalry to the Defence services. Pay and Pension issues are decided in isolation, creating more anomalies each time some are sent for removal, forcing the beleaguered defence community to go to court for 'judicial rescue', but instead of accepting the verdict of the court, even after painfully slow battles, the Government chooses to not implement court orders.
    Let us not call it Politico failings. The Bureaucratic mischief is largely responsible for misleading the Legislative. Political parties may change but the Bureaucracy has the larger part in this misdemeanour. Like in EVERY other field, here too they have failed India.
    Col RP Chaturvedi (Retd)
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