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Battle Against Corruption- Hazare's indefinite fast from 05 April, 2011

Mumbai City activists garner support for Jan Lokpal bill
Pooja Domadia, Hindustan Times, Mumbai, March 14, 2011
Dissatisfied by the meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, representatives of India Against Corruption (IAC) movement are chalking out strategies to gather more people in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Activists such as Kiran Bedi, Justice Suresh Hegde and others drafted the Bill to curb corruption.
Hazare will start his indefinite fast in Delhi from April 5.
Volunteers including people from groups such as Art of Living, Bombay Catholic Sabha will distribute leaflets at stations from March 23 asking people to fast on April 5 along with Hazare.
“Volunteers will wear badges that say, ‘I am going to fast on April 5th. Are you?’ We need of more people to support the initiative to curb corruption,” said Mayank Gandhi, secretary, Remaking of Mumbai Federation.
Representatives of IAC who met PM last week demanded to have a committee to consider the Jan Lokpal bill.
“PM said he didn’t have time till May 13 because of elections. We asked for our participation in the committee to consider the bill but the PM refused and said a sub-committee of Group of Ministers will be constituted which will have two meetings with representatives of IAC,” said activist Arvind Kejriwal.
While the Lokpal Bill drafted by the government is pending to be passed in the Rajya Sabha since 42 years, the activists have prepared a draft for the bill that is called Jan Lokpal Bill.
Citizens would start fasting at Azad Maidan on April 5 along with Hazare in Delhi. Hazare is also touring the state to alert people about the Jan Lokpal bill and ask for their participation
Mumbai City activists garner support for Jan Lokpal bill

IESM Supports "India Against Corruption" movement by Hazare
Dear All,
You are all aware about the state of corruption in India. The situation has become so bad that it is not possible to get any work done in any Government office without giving a bribe. This situation is unacceptable and citizen of India are now waking up to oppose this state of affairs. Some eminent citizens have got together and made a forum called India against Corruption. The main plank of this forum and its members is that we will not give bribe for any work. The forum is led by prominent citizens of India like veteran Anna Hazare, Swami Ramdev Bharat vikas munch, Shri shri Ravi Shankar of art of living, Arun Kejriwal, retired bureaucrats, judges and veterans and citizen of India.
Under pressure of the people of India the Government has decided to bring in Lok Pal Bill in Parliament. The bill drafted by the law ministry does not give any powers to Lok Pal. Veteran Anna Hazare and other prominent citizens have decided to fight against this draft and have proposed more powers to the Lok Pal so that he/she can investigate any office including that of Prime Minister.
Sh Anna Hazare veteran of 1965 war and a Padma Bhushan awardee, supported by all Indians (small write up about veteran Anna Hazare is given at the end of this), has decided to sit on fast unto death on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi to convince the Government to consult citizens of India and incorporate changes suggested by the citizens and make the LokPal bill more effective. Please see the call given by Veteran Anna Hazare in linked video clip. Click here for the Video link
It is the moral duty of all veterans to support the agitation spearheaded by veteran Anna Hazare and supported by other prominent citizens of India. IESM fully supports the agitation of Veteran Anna Hazare and will ensure that the voice of the people of India against corruption will be heard and heeded by the Government and the LokPal bill will be brought by the Government after incorporating the amendments suggested by the veteran Anna Hazare and other prominent citizens.
Governing Body of IESM will be present on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar on behalf of veterans of India to lend full support to veteran Anna Hazare in his fight against Corruption on behalf of all veterans of India. Thereafter three veterans and members of IESM would be present every day at Jantar Mantar in support of the agitation of Veteran Anna Hazare. All veterans are requested to reach Jantar Mantar at 1100h on 5 April 11 to support the fight against corruption.
Similar actions are likely to be taken in different parts of India. State conveners are requested to coordinate participation in respective States.
Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM (Retd)
Gen Sec IESM
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Veteran Voice
Political Criminals, Terrorists and Anti- Nationals have practically taken over the Country. We need the Jan Lok Pal Bill to be passed to arrest the trend and put the criminals behind bars. The present scams CWG, 2G, Adarsh, Real Estate/ Military lands, Hasan Ali, Corporate Frauds, Swiss Secret Accounts, Black Money, Cash for Votes, Fakes of every kind- Medicines, Passports, Pilot Licenses, Degrees... (you name it all) are few of the samples that is making our Country a Fake Democracy/ Banana Republic. Veterans who are witness to the declining Governance need to fall in line to stop the all- pervading National Loot.

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