Thursday, May 19, 2011

ECHS: If a system is working don't touch it

I went to Noida polyclinic this morning. It is today, by far one of the best in the country. This transition has come about with the untiring efforts of Col Bhardwaj, the OC Polyclinic, over the past two years. Comfortable sheltered waiting areas, TVs, helpful staff emulating the OC who insists we come inside and sit down, before giving everyone a patient hearing. Waiting time everywhere has come down considerably. Things move smoothly. Really good. I learnt today that the Colonel leaves this assignment over next fortnight, since he has finished his contract of two years. I wonder if he would consider staying on. He tells me that is against policy. Really? I know for one, I and a lot many Noida ESM will be sorry to see him go. AND his successor has a tough task cutout for him to match the standards of courtesy, efficiency and administrative acumen of Col Bhardwaj.I saw a large crowd waiting to see Medical Specialist. L-O-N-G queues of impatient patients waiting for Darshan of the sole Medical Specialist. Earlier not too long we had two/ three.

Dr (Mrs) Agarwal, the other medical specialist had left some time ago, on superannuation at age 65. When Brig Tiwari expired soon after, she was reappointed and moved in. Queues could now progress faster. Now, moved in the Line of Communication Hqs. We all know the appointment of Doctors is 'Area Hq' Turf. SO, how could MD ECHS make this appointment, Area Hq wanted to know. They asserted their power and could prevail. Dr Agarwal is now out. We are back to the one medical specialist.

The above narrations point to a sad lack of development of the 'service industry' ethos in Fauji organizations that need to be more supportive of the needs of the USER, rather than the insistence on protocol, processes and of course egos. It is nobody's case that the present OC OR Dr Agarwal are indispensable. Only that a 'case by case' study of the situation needs doing. Shortly, we would be expanding the Polyclinic, the erstwhile MI room building has already been vacated and adjustments seem to have started. In the event, having the OC continue the good work would have been a good idea. I don't find it necessary, but must state that Col Bhardwaj is neither known to me earlier than my association with him after I started functioning as Coordinator of the IESM ECHS Division, nor is he going to pay me to write this.

Dr Agarwal. Ditto. If she was a surgeon I would perhaps feel her hand may quiver during a serious stage of an operation. But as Medical specialist, age 65 does not sound too high. Maybe she should have served us another year or two, till we found adequately skilled replacement. Why should there be a gap in the service. And I believe the GOC Delhi Area needs to be requested to review the decision. Again, I can't recall meeting Mrs Agarwal. I don't know her.
Would someone be able to take this forward? Thanks.
I am reminded of an advise I received from my Director when I joined the corporate the first time. "If something is working, Don't touch it".
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi

Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
We the ESM at Noida, request your help in ensuring that the contents of this email reach the authorities concerned.
Thank you.
Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj

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