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Suggestions for Streamlining functioning of ECHS Polyclinics

I am forwarding this shocking mail for knowledge of the ESM community about the devil within. Pls share this with maximum people so it can perhaps reach the villains in this story through their friends. Names in this mail should identify who is who; and who did what.
For some of us the Sarkari Custodian attitude never goes away. We LIKE to sit on what is actually entrusted to us for others to benefit from. It is little wonder that origin of most of our problems lies in internecine rivalries/ perceived rankings/ priorities etc, forgetting that at the end of the game, the King and the Pawn go back to the same box. And the 'box' IS indeed the future destination of even the chess pieces in play.

From: rajeeve lochan
Date: Thu, May 12, 2011 at 8:51 AM
Subject: ECHS
Cc: Col RP Chaturvedi

Dear Brigadier,
As I am proceeding to USA to be with my son on the night of 19th May, yesterday (11.05.11) I visited ECHS Polyclinic Meerut and approached the seniormost medical officer (Maj Ambuj Goel) and requested for 90 days medicines, he informed that though the orders have been received but they have not been implemented and I should contact the O I/C polyclinic (Col D V Singh). He informed me that medicines for the purpose of going abroad are not authorised/permitted.
He mentioned that medicines for 90 days can only be given to patients of T B, Hypertension and Diabetes and that it has to be approved by the Commandant.
The medical officer made out a prescription and I went to the Commandant (Brig Pareek), I sent the prescription through his P A for counter signatures, first he called for the book and after that he called me and explained to me his financial difficulties and then he informed me that since I was residing locally why I need medicines for 90 days, I informed him that I was proceeding to USA for 6 monthe but I am requesting medicines only for 90 days which is permitted under the rules. Of course he did not take a minute and signed the prescription.
I request confirmation if for proceeding abroad the medicines are authorised or not.
We keep criticising babus and the bureaucracy but I think we in the Armed Forces have more bureaucracy than any where else.
May I have your reply pl. With warm regards.
Wg Cdr Rajeeve Lochan (Retd)

Payment of Medical Allowance
Dear sir,
I ex mwo holding ECHS card face lot of problems as the nearest ECHS centre is aproximately 110km from my native and the nearest city Ajamgarh which is hardly 30km has good hospitals where i can have the benefit of medical services privately. But to avail the facility from ECHS Faizabad i have to spend rupees 150 as a bus fare and minimum Rs.100 for lodging and boarding. Also, I have to waste two days for my normal treatments at the age of 65 this all becomes problem some to me. Hence, i am compelled to take the treatment from local doctors. I request you sir that my medical allowance may please be paid to me.
Thanking you,
RA Shukla.

Streamlining of functioning of ECHS Polyclinics
Some Suggestions
  • There is a need for officers and staff in ECHS Polyclinics to further improve the delivery of service to ESM beneficiaries. There should be a constant and conscious effort to redress most of the grievances and problems of these beneficiaries at the Polyclinic level so that there is no inconvenience caused to them forcing them to approach higher authorities for redressal of their grievances. The entire staff at the dispensary level have to ensure a polite, positive and responsible attitude to make the service delivery better. The Officer In-charge must make every effort to ensure this user friendly environment. Complaints of rude/ impolite behavior need to be checked and stern action taken by OIC.

  • It is well established that ECHS ESM beneficiaries need to be provided better service. Senior Veterans among the beneficiaries deserve special attention and response. It is re-iterated that senior pensioners need to be given out of queue treatment and service at each activity level. This system is generally not being enforced at the Polyclinic level. OIC's must ensure compliance of these instructions. All seniors of above 60 years need to be given this special privilege.

  • OIC's should personally make rounds of the dispensary particularly during peak hours to ensure that there is proper environment and ESM beneficiaries particularly seniors are being treated promptly.

  • The Station HQ responsible should convene the meetings of ESM Associations/ Organisations once in two months along with OIC Polyclinic for feedback and initiating remedial measures without fail.

  • A complaint/suggestion/feedback Box with details like number of complaints received and disposed etc. under a seal and lock will be kept at each Polyclinic and will be opened by the Officer In-charge in the presence of at least two members of the Advisory Committee when the Advisory Committee meeting is being held and necessary action taken by the Advisory Committee with regard to complaints/ suggestions/ feedback thus received and, wherever required, the matter will be referred to higher authorities for necessary action.

  • Stn HQ staff/ duty officers should conduct at least five surprise inspections of the Polyclinics in cities in a month and report the outcome of the inspection indicating the areas such as punctuality, availability and behavior of officers/ staff, special care for ESM/ Seniors, deficit areas/ complaints and also the good work done in each of the dispensaries inspected, by way of a confidential monthly d.o. letter to DG ECHS without fail on or before 10th of the succeeding month;

  • It is seen that a large number of beneficiaries go to the Polyclinics for taking repeat medicines. Authorization of repeat medicines should be done by any of the Medical Officers, apart from the Officer In-charge. Preferably the OIC must be the senior most Medical Officer. Non medical officers must be designated as Administrative Officers.

  • Stn Cdr should personally monitor and ensure that the empanelled hospitals etc. do adhere to the terms & conditions. They should also supervise the services, if any, being provided by the private parties in their zones such as dialysis, dental services etc.

  • Militry Hospitals must be requisitioned for all assistance and services for treatment of ESM by the respective Polyclinics before seeking civilian assistance.
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