Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OROP IESM Presentation to Parliamentary Committee

IESM: OROP: Presentation to Petition Committee
Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
Please read the link above and email reproduced below.
I am sure this will give you lot of confidence in the efforts being put in by your humble supporters IESM, who are spending sleepless nights to get justice to YOU ALL INDIAN MILITARY VETERANS.
होंगे कामयाब हम एक दिन - एक दिनIt is time for all of us to support IESM.
Would you please–
Become member of IESM and give them whole hearted support.
You know and we all know – you cannot get very rich by saving those few hundred rupees, which are required to support IESM.
More support you can gather – better are chances of success of IESM.
We need much more momentum to move the political leaders away from the clutches of the Babus, who are bent upon cheating the Defence Services Veterans.
Please help and support IESM.
Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.

Dear Gen Kadyan,
I am still recovering from the awe-effect of the presentation you made yesterday. To say that it was an outstanding presentation that you made in front of the petition committee would be a huge understatement. IESM is both lucky and proud to have you as our Chairman and I feel privileged to be able to work closely with you. Even the chairman and the other members of the petition committee had no option but to appreciate your presentation. The effect that the presentation had on the committee can be gauged by the remark that they made, "we would like to meet you again during the course of finalization of the committee recommendations." On behalf of our team and as an 'eye-witness' I would like to congratulate you on a remarkable presentation yesterday.
The beauty of presentation lay in the fact that all our claims, our points and our apprehensions were backed by solid, water-tight facts and figures. What was even more outstanding was that these were issues mostly related to war widows, JCOs, NCOs and other ranks - something that was missing from most of the other presentations made before the committee. It was, thus, proven one more time that Gen Kadyan follows the 'subordinates first' rule which so many senior veterans have forgotten.
Some points of the presentation that I want to highlight that Gen Kadyan stressed on:
  • The main focus of the presentation was, of course, on One Rank One Pension, its need and its justification.
  • Intended and subtle pun on the cunning efforts of bureaucrats for the planned and tactical down-gradation of the military.
  • Loved this quote, "mera qatil hi mera munsif hai, kya mere haq mein faisla dega..." which was delivered in an extremely emotional way by Gen Satbir which moved everyone sitting in the room.
  • I salute the herculean effort put in by Gen Satbir as well as Col R P Chaturvedi who worked behind the scenes tirelessly which made this presentation a grand success that it was. We must also thank to Hav Devi Lal sahib who is always in the thick of every IESM activity. Hav Devi Lal sahib is an asset for IESM.
    Finally, I apologize for taking the microphone without your permission to support the points of Shri SS Ramachandran. The chairman, Mr Koshiyari, tried to interrupt him but I was in full agreement with the point raised by Mr SS Ramachandran, that the young lot of firearms trained soldiers, if left dissatisfied, can be misguided by anti national elements and that can be mighty dangerous.
    The question before us, therefore, is whether these committees have any vested powers or are they merely an eye-wash and a governments gimmick to buy more time and further delay the issue. A member of the committee was saying that we are here to give you a hearing and that there are many committees above them that might or might not listen to their recommendations. What, then, is the use of all this lao-lashkar? And what should be our course of action?
    I once again appreciate the collective efforts of IESM as a unit because of which such presentations and meetings are suddenly happening and everybody is talking about ESM and OROP. What is notable is the fact that IESM was called separately for making the presentation! That said,
    लड़ाई लम्बी है. हमें शांति, धीरज और हिम्मत से आगे बढ़ाना है.
    Thank you.
    Yours truly,
    Kameshwar Pandey
    Sub/Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)
    Governing Body Member Indian ESM Movement

    IESM Presentation of OROP to Petition Committee

    MOD Committee to stall the issue!
    ARMED FORCES PENSIONERS By Ex-Servicemen Members of the Committee Appointed by MoD
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