Thursday, July 14, 2011

ESM News from Navi Mumbai

Sent: 11 July 2011 08:52
Subject: Visit to Navi Mumbai
Dear Sir,
At the invitation of the Chairman of our associate Ex Servicemen League CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai on 09 Jul 2011, Lt Col Vinod Patil and self attended their AGM.
Col T S Tanwar has been elected as the New Chairman of the league. The members were briefed on the following issues.
  • JCOs and below of who number 14 lakh or so only 3 lakh have got their correct dues. Normal error by banks is they have not been consulting the two tables in the letter of 11/11/2008 and giving the higher pension. A Sgt with 15 yrs of service was thus getting basic of Rs 3500 as against 4047 till 01.07.2009.
  • In case of Naval personnel wrong group being used.
  • OROP recommendation of Rajya Sabha committee expected this session of parliament. Of course the RM is merely talking of near parity so far.
  • A civil presentation to the Rajya sabha committee has said that they civil service will not object to OROP.
  • Punjab and HP have already passed resolutions in their State Assemblies supporting grant of OROP to Defence pensioners.
  • IESM Chairman has written to Chief Ministers of 12 other States (UP, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Bihar, WB, Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, MP, Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, J&K) requesting for similar action. One of our members from pension cell has also approached an MLA. We are trying to get an appointment with the Min for Ex Servicemen affairs.
  • ECHS Help line is now working both 18001038666 and 08043004300 and what will be available on this help line.
  • Out sourcing of Pharmacy operations is in progress and awaiting Finance Ministry clearance. IESM AGM was held on 13 Nov 2010. Details will follow.
  • A white ECHS card is now being issued to disabled Veteran.
  • Rank pay case will be heard on 11 July, 2011. (Adjouned again)
  • All pre 2003 retirees who are not yet joined ECHS should do so by Dec 2011 as they would not be able to join after that and advantages of joining ECHS.
  • Many have joined ECHS and are still drawing Fixed Medical allowance. If this is reported you stand to lose ECHS membership.
  • Suvigya is likely to be available soon at various locations but is currently having some glitches.
  • Security jobs likely to be available on Merchant vessels.
  • Points to check for pension being correct and what to do.
  • One widow has approached with her pension problem.
  • Efforts on to meet Maharashtra Minister for Ex Servicemen welfare.
  • The members were told to set up a committee to study special needs of ECHS with regard to Mumbai and come up with suggestion which IESM would study and follow up.
  • A total of 17 new individual members were enrolled.
    Cdr RW Pathak, Member Governing Body IESM and Pension Division IESM
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