Monday, July 11, 2011

Homage to Kargil Martyrs on 24th July 2011

Dear Veterans,
26 July 1999 is a very important day in the history of India and specially for Indian Armed Forces. On this very day, our valiant armed forces drove out Pakistan army intruders from unauthorised occupation of Indian territory of Kargil and Drass. Indian Armed Forces had a difficult task of uprooting and throwing out the well trenched Pakistan army from Indian territory. The job was difficult and was made near impossible by the strict orders of GOI that Indian Armed Forces were not to not cross the LOC while recapturing Indian territory from unauthorised occupation of Pakistan army.
Indian Armed Forces rose to the occasion, with impeccable coordination between Indian Army and Indian Air Force, and attacked the hills facing volleys of bullets from enemy and drove out the Pakistan army from the Indian territory. Indian Navy successfully blocked the sea routes to Arabian sea thus depriving Pakistan of all supplies during the these operations. Last hill was captured on 26 July 1999. This was an example of great courage,valour, comradeship and leadership on the part of Indian Armed Forces that this near impossible task was completed with great finesse and Indian territory was liberated from unauthorised occupation.

Indian Armed Forces paid a heavy price for the Kargil victory in the true spirit of Armed forces motto of "Nation before Self". 527 brave soldiers sacrificed their life and 1363 soldiers were seriously wounded in achieving this victory on 26 July 1999. Armed forces were awarded following medals for their extreme bravery and valour in the face of enemy:
  • Paramvir Chakra 4
  • Mahavir Charkra 9
  • Vir Charkra 55
    IESM has been paying homage to the brave soldiers for the last two years. IESM had organised blood donation camps, organ pledging camps and encouraged public participation in nation building while remembering the sacrifice of the young soldiers. IESM has also been organising interaction with students to inculcate the value of discipline and sacrifice in them. This is a small step on the part of veterans (IESM) in building character of young of India.

    IESM would be paying homage to the martyrs on 24 July 2011 from 1100h to 1230h at Shaheed Smarak, Sector 29 Noida. The date 24 July 2011(Sunday) has been selected for convenience and maximum participation all civilian friends. The week would start with interaction with students of different schools to educate them about the military way of life and the sacrifices of the soldiers. This will be a subtle way to teach them leadership qualities and educate about them their duties to our Motherland. Some social programs have also been planned. The details of these programs would be sent separately. All are requested to come to Shaheed Smarak, Sector 29 Noida at 1100h on 24 July 2011 to pay homage to the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the true tradition of Indian Armed Forces. Light refreshments would be served after the homage ceremony.

    All are also requested to light a candle at their doorstep at 2000h on 26 July 2011 to remember the sacrifices of the Indian Armed Forces during the Kargil War. All core group members are requested to arrange similar homage ceremony in their towns. Funds for the homage ceremony are to be arranged through local contribution.
    Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
    Gen Sec IESM
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