Friday, September 16, 2011

Why ESM should team up with Anna?

ESM must join Anna’s War against Corruption for our better future
Dear Friends/ Veterans,
1. Nation is in grave danger due to internal & external threats and highest level of Corruption & misgovernance. System has been paralyzed all over beyond repairs. A weak Political leadership & irresponsible Bureaucratic nexus has ruined public admn, social welfare, security potentials and Intelligence network. Defence Forces have become unpopular & last career choice of youngsters. Poor quality intake with huge manpower shortage & old machinery, is reducing fighting potentials. Poor handling by unprofessional IAS, has lowered the image and morale of Forces. Under such circumstances, Defence can also fail like the civil admn as usual, who still keep enjoy the best. Army is the last weapon, the Nation has. Therefore, greedy & corrupt representatives/ Govt servants must be replaced with honest, capable & clean people. At this stage, our duty is to join Anna & save the nation from loot & arrogance.

2. Our letters to PM, President & MPs by various ESM Org/ NGOs have not brought any change in negative attitude of Bureaucracy. Because nexus of Bureaucracy & Politicians has become so very thick, powerful & high headed. It’s evident that there is no check/ audit by controlling agencies anywhere, since they are also unaccountable. ESM community is also victim of this mass Corruption. Today our letters for Grievances & Welfare written up the channel from Zila Sainik Board to Defence minister, bring no positive result/ response. Why must they reply?

3. Recently negative response from MOD (L/dt 2/8/11), even after meetings with Def Min & other Politicians, No positive sign is coming from the Govt/ Bureaucracy, to resolve serious anomalies & grant of OROP to War Veterans. Bureaucracy has captured ESM Welfare Funds & CSD Canteen control also, from the Army HQ. Its influence & reflections can be seen from their response & attitudes. This NGO have been writing about 130-140 letters per year to various Govt Offices. It is experienced & for your info that letters written for ESM Problems/ Grievances & Welfare, have been responded to, as under:
(a) By Records Offices responded positive 50%
(b) By Army HQ/ Adjt Gen Branch responded positive 40%
(c) By Zila Sainik Board, RSB & KSB responded only 8-10%
(d) By CDAs & DPDOs responded 5-6%
(e) By RBI & Banks responded 10-12%
(f) By Chandimandir Complex, responces 7-8%
(which Incl HQ WC, Stn HQ, ECHS & CH)
(g) Pb Ministers & Secy Def Service Welfare Dept responds-NIL.
(h) MOD & ESM Welfare Dept (EWD) Delhi responces 7-8%

4. A sense of accountability & responsibility of Netas towards the public has vanished, along with degradation in character, services and increase in Corruption. Black money, Scams after scams & loot, brings shame to no body, as we are to live with it. Today Ministers do not hesitate in saying words like: “I have no magic stick, Prices cannot be controlled, Terrorist attacks cannot be stopped, Intelligence network cannot be scrutinized, MPs & Bureaucracy is supreme, No Jan Lokpal Bill, Corruption is part of life, we have allotted money for victims, what is Anna?” etc. They are masters in befooling & spinning public. Today every matric fail but BA pass finds lucrative career in Politics. Public need to ensure that no dishonest & substandard person reach Assembly, to pollute it any further. Public participation at large scale will surely clean up the polluted system, like in the Singapore. Let's be part of Public and participation like good citizens.

5. That's why; we ESM must join Anna's War against Corruption, for our own good too. The next steps by Anna are very vital & useful for us to eradicate total Corruption from the system, which is being controlled by the irresponsible & greedy people.

(a) Right to Reject: already exists but never being implemented by CEC/Govt.
(b) Right to recall. For regular audit & public control over elected reps.
(c) Reforms in Election process: are must to put a check on wrong candidates & monitor ill designed practices, like purchasing of votes/ candidates.
(d) Services charter: will ensure time bound public services & accountability in offices.

6. Once good people come to rule, they will surely listen to the ESM community & its genuine problems also. Even public may demand ESM to lead from the front. Therefore, we should plan to welcome Anna at various places during his YATRA of states. We should execute good gathering at Jntr Mntr on 13/11/11 for the same. Your suggestions/ corrections to me in brief, are most welcomed, please.
Col Sohi (Retd)

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