Monday, January 30, 2012

The corrupt are increasingly becoming role models for the Indian Youth

Corrupt are becoming role-models for youth in India: Murthy
Jan 29, 2012

Are India’s corrupt and the dishonest becoming role-models for youngsters of the country? Software icon NR Narayana Murthy believes so.

“The number of role-models that our youngsters can look up to is decreasing. How many people in our public life can you be proud of for honesty, courage, commitment and hardwork? And that number is dwindling”, the Co-Founder of Infosys Ltd said.

“Our youngsters don’t have role-models to look up to and therefore and sadly because of corruption, some of the people who are doing exactly the opposite, dishonest, deceit, chalta hai and all of tha... they are becoming more and more powerful, they are becoming wealthier”, the Chairman Emeritus of the Bangalore-headquartered IT major, listed on the NASDAQ, said.

“Therefore, our youngsters are getting the wrong signals. They think may be this is the way to succeed. I don’t blame them”, Murthy said at a function here last night to release the book “Upwordly Mobile” written by Founder and CEO of cross-cultural training and services firm Global Adjustments, Ranjini Manian.

He also said Indians are perhaps the mostm “thin-skinned” people in the world. “We see insults where none is meant. We get upset very easily. We think that somebody is out to make India look bad. That’s not true”.

Murthy said Indians put the interest of their family ahead of society which “has caused enormous damage to the country”. In someway, there is good way of balancing in the West between the two.

He also said that Bhagavad Gita does give “all of us a path to peace of mind. That’s what I found”, he observed, adding, the Gita has nothing to do with any religion. It’s a way of life, like Hinduism, Murthy added.

Ranjini said with 3138 foreign companies currently registered and operating in India and one lakh new MBA graduates in India every year, scope for cultural misunderstandings due to a lack of a common norm of global behaviour is infinite.

“As Indians increasingly engage with foreigners and foreign companies, cultural intelligence is a crucial tool to succeed in doing business with people to work, dress and behave differently, yet we have to make a concerted effort to understand”, she said. The book is designed to equip Indian managers and their expatriate colleagues with cultural intelligence tools to succeed in business, it was stated. PTI
Corrupt are becoming role-models for youth in India: Murthy

Anna Hazare: the role model for the youth
A simple, retired army man who put his trust in good governance has made a big difference — demonstrating the fact that the Gandhian style of peaceful yet forceful revolution is indeed not a dead philosophy and that the Mahatma's example is very much relevant today. His clarion call to rise up to a good cause should not go unheard. From very humble beginnings, a havildar in the Army, Padma Bhushan Anna Hazare's rise to become a national symbol is a case study in itself. Without any of the usual trappings — namely political allegiance, money power and the retinue of cronies that go into the making of a leader today — he has, with sheer determination, been able to stand up and be counted as a worthy soldier.
Anna Hazare: the role model for the youth

Comment: The Military Command and Comtrol is being debased progressively by the corrupt and the bureaucracy, making it almost a spineless and degraded Military Force. Can we take on China- with Bofors like scandal surfacing in every type of weapons deal and purchases in the offing. MOD has lost its credibility amongst the polity of Nations. General VK Singh has proved to be a spoke in the wheel of spinning corruption. The date of birth row has become convenient ruse!

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