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Army to probe Pune brawl

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The army has blamed the Pune police for the Pune brawl. Army Sources have given their version on the whole event, 2 officers enter bridge on motorcycle by mistake. They were stopped by a constable & told to pay fine. Officers were ready to pay the fine. Constable told that he was harassed in the army area & now he will sort them out. Another constable got into a confrontation & they were taken to police station. Earlier Pune Police had registered an FIR against three army officials in the clash with the police.

Army to probe Pune brawl
Mumbai: Feb 1, 2012,DHNS

A Court of Inquiry has been ordered by the army to ferret out details of a brawl between two officers and policemen late Tuesday and the subsequent clash between military police and Pune civil police.

By late Wednesday evening both the army and civil police were busy trying to slap cases against each other of assaulting public servants on duty.

According to a defence official, two traffic cops including a woman constable stopped two young army officers from College of Military Engineering (CME) Capt V Advait and Lt A B Pandit, riding a motorbike, while they were trying to cross Sambhaji Bridge.

The contention of army officials was that both officers were unaware of the fact that two-wheelers were not allowed on the bridge as there was no prominent signpost proclaiming the traffic order.

“Even though the army officers introduced themselves and stated that they were unaware of the rule, the woman constable snatched the ignition key from the bike while her male companion started abusing Capt Advait demanding that they pay the fine,” according army officials.

Captain Advait in his statement said that while he had agreed to pay the fine, “the male constable kept on with his rant and tried to rough him up, stating that he was also once roughed up in cantonment area for not wearing a helmet.” Preliminary investigations reveal that the constable as well as the army officer made calls to their respective seniors and mates.

At the police station, even as police were trying to frame charges against Capt Advait and Lt. Pandit, Corps of Military Police (CMP) along with the CME seniors stormed in and soon a free for all ensued.

While the police claimed that CMP soldiers smashed and roughed up several policemen in the station, the army officials said that the law-enforcing agency tipped off media persons to gain a sympathetic news coverage.
Army to probe Pune brawl
Army orders inquiry into Pune clash
Comment: Police have the right to regulate traffic but no right to harass. They ought to have noted the names and details of traffic violaters and forward to the Military authorities insofar as Military personnel are concerned. Often Policemen themselves are traffic violaters on the streets and silent spectators to traffic violations. It is also common to see drunken Police on duty who abuse each and everyone. Police need to respect the Soldiers Sensibilities. This incident shows lack of mutual respect. The Military and Police need to adhere to basic tenets of civil law.

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