Sunday, January 29, 2012

Degradation of Military Personnel

Subject: Servicemen - Planned Degradation By Babus
Date: Saturday, 28 January, 2012, 11:03 PM
Dear Veterans,
Maj Dhanapalan has taken the pains to enumerate the injustices heaped upon the Service Personnel, both serving and retired, by the Babus and the Government they control. It is a fact that Commanders at all levels in the Services are blissfully ignorant of the very responsive and progressively beneficial conditions of service in other Departments of GOI vis-à-vis the Armed Forces. To be raised to the next higher rank being most often the focal point of their activities, they are least concerned about the mischief played out by the Babus to degrade the Services both in status and pecuniary benefits. Their own interests and those of the people they command have thus been buried beyond redemption. Our successive Chiefs have, maybe with an odd exception, actively surrendered the privileges and benefits enjoyed by the Services rather than obtaining additional ones, for the sole purpose of pleasing their political masters or at the nudging of Babus. Under such circumstances, one could not expect interests of the ESM to be anywhere near anybody's agenda. For that matter, they are not, even now.
The present awakening is solely because of the ESM themselves. They have realised that when all the pensioners of Central Services are having a ball it is only them who go begging for a job post retirement. Even an ACP of the Police doesn't do that! While all the country takes it for granted that a 'fauji' has the best of everything, nobody has taken the pains to highlight in the media the plight of the ESM compared to the IAS, IPS and after the Sixth Pay Commission, even the Postal Services!!!
Therefore, as Maj Dhanapalan exhorts, the fight has to be carried on in all available fora.
Warm regards.
Col Sushil Chilimbi

Dear Veterans,
In the recent past a few issues have come up in the blog concerning the Armed Forces Personnel and the Veterans. Some are as listed:
1. Non Functional Upgradation (NFU) to officers.
2. Amending the Pension Regulations of the Armed Forces.
3. Non-Implementation of Judgments of AFTs which is around 2000.
4. Payment of 100% pension to the Veterans up to the age of 60 years (age for superannuation for central Govt employees) and payment of OROP thereafter.
5. Separate Ministry or a Defense Board (like that of Railway) for Armed Forces Personnel.
6. Cadre Review (being done at every 5 years in other Departments)
7. Date of Birth (DOB) issue of Army Chief himself.
8. Difference of pension between two immediate Ranks is more than Rs.11,000/-PM
9. Withdrawl of existing Rank Pay by 6th CPC (replacing with grade pay to give additional emoluments to civilian employees and also to create an equation between civ and Mily.)
10. Majors with more than 15 years of service equated with cadets and Hony Lt (PB-3).
11. A meaningful resettlement of Armed Forces Veterans.
12. Dignity (Izzath) of the personnel in uniform/ Protocol/ precedence, v/s civilians.

The above are some of the major issues that are occupying internet mails and blogs nowadays. The blame is put on the babus of MOD and the Politicians. But one must think honestly. Are they fully responsible for these omissions. What is role of the Service HQs?
Veteran Dhanapalan

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