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Anti corruption movements are for country's honour

Anna, Ramdev's movements are for country's honour: Gen VK Singh The writer has posted comments on this articleAshish TripathiAshish Tripathi, TNN | Jun 4, 2012
LUCKNOW: Citing corruption as the biggest problem of the country, former army chief general VK Singh has said that there is nothing wrong in the movement launched by social activist Anna Hazare and Yoga guru Baba Ramdev. He also said that the issues of corruption and black money raised by Anna and Baba are related to the development and honour of the country. Corruption hits the common man the most and should be tackled in an appropriate manner, he said.
According to reports appearing in a section of local media in Uttar Pradesh, General Singh said he thought the government should find a way to tackle corruption and black money issues. The general, who is known for fighting against corruption in the armed forces, however, said that he has no plans to join politics. He was also non-committal on joining the Anna movement. Tema Anna had invited General Singh, who retired on May 31 to join the Lokpal movement.
The general had come to Vrindavan on Sunday to offer prayers at the Banke Bihari Temple. Later, he was felicitated by a local institution and after the ceremony, he spoke to media-persons.
On the question of joining politics, General Singh said that he has no immediate plan to join politics. He also said that it will not be in the interests of the country's security to talk about `army issues' in public. He said that the army should be kept out of politics. He said that army is the most dependable and reliable agency in the country and can deliver in most adverse circumstances. He also refused to comment on his age row.
General Singh has been one of the most vocal Army chiefs the country has witnessed since Independence. In one of his interviews, he disclosed he was offered a bribe for a defence deal. He had also said openly that a few retired army officers and insiders were hobnobbing with a section of media to defame him.
Anna, Ramdev's movements are for country's honour: Gen VK Singh
Readers Comments
Krishna (Pune)
33 mins ago Well said Mr. Gen. This should boost the people of our country. More and more powerful people should come out and surely insecure people will follow. The congress is not worried about the growth, inflation or corruption. Ms. Gandhi is aiming for the next election. Elected leaders spend 3 yrs for making money for the next election and 2 yrs start working for the election and bribing the peoples and their local leaders. Let's follow Team Anna. Start the local group in the villages to support Anna and support yourself. Jai Hind !!
akurpin (Slg)
Spot On general Singh. Fight against Corruption is fight for honour for our country. honour is greatly tarnished by these corrupt ministers who have looted our country fr their own gains and now are opposing lokpal bill tooth and nail.
Bharat Lal (Delhi)
40 mins ago Gen VK Singh is our hero and very brave and couragious and selfless person. He was a social activist, even when in Army. It is obvious that our politicians will never like him, as no traitor likes a loyal and patriotic person. Long Live Gen Singh. Whole of Infdia is with you, in all good causes for the country. In fact You deserve to be our President, a most honoured person.

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