Friday, June 8, 2012

Governance at the Centre and wide spread corruption

Swamy targets Sonia, says she’s fostering corruption
Wednesday, 06 June 2012 00:24 Shireen Farhat | Dhanbad

Addressing a Press conference on Tuesday, Swamy said: “She can’t escape from taking responsibility of ill governance at the Centre and wide spread corruption.”
Commenting over Team Anna that questioned credibility and integrity of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Swami said that the Prime Minister alone is not responsible for this. “Don’t forget Sonia Gandhi. She is one who is fostering corruption. I have credible evidences of corruption by Sonia Gandhi which I will make available to all the people fighting against corruption including Team Anna.”
Swami also pilloried Sonia Gandhi for conspiring against the Prime Minister by letting him to become sole target of anti-corruption crusade. “Gandhi seems to be in hurry for anointment of her son Rahul Gandhi as PM by replacing Singh. She wants it to be done under the tenure of President Pratibha Patil, who is Congress’ rubber stamp,” he alleged.
The Janata Party president, who had once blocked the way of Sonia Gandhi’s path to Prime Ministership, is adamant to block Rahul in the same way if such a situation arises.
“When Rahul was born his mother Sonia Gandhi was holding Italian citizenship. She took Indian citizenship in 1983…hence according to the Italian Law, Rahul is born to an Italain Mother and he is not considered to be an Indian citizen. He can’t become the Prime Minister of India,” Swamy said.
As the election for new President of India is scheduled to be held soon, Swamy urged political parties not to support one like Patil. He said that former President APJ Kalam would be the fittest candidate for the country. “Presidential election is very important. We need to elect honest person like Kalam,” he added.
Swamy did not forget to target his enemy number one — Home Minister P Chidambaram. “Chidambaram is liable to be imprisoned for his role in 2G Spectrum Scam.
Holding an ambivalent view towards news report that some of known Naxal sympathisers have joined the Team Anna wagon Swamy accepted that the charges are true. “I will speak over this issue at the right moment.
Swamy targets Sonia, says she’s fostering corruption
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