Sunday, June 3, 2012

Powerful Arms Lobby Target Veterans especially those who have served in Int Agencies

Jeet- The Cloak And Dagger Operative
If one was in position to select, shortlist or influence the decision making process in equipment acquisition, tempting offers, of diverse kind, if not actual bribes were always there: sometimes direct at others subtle. Sadly tempting offers made3 by friends who are in employ of the interested parties. More amazingly by the colleagues and surprisingly, at times, by the same superiors whilst in service.
Even after retirement, my phone continued ringing incessantly, with juicy offers, from different individuals offering handsome salary (maximum permissible those days), house with a car at disposal. With me trying not to be rude, evasive in response, the callers, becoming desperate and more persistent by the day, with remarks such as ‘Your value is diminishing every day.’ Lodge an FIR! Easier said than done, one does not jump in the unknown just like that, what proof could be produced to support some fleeting remark, interspersed in a casual conversations, that transpired, in the office, on the staircase, in the car park or even during dinner at a friends place.
When even assertions made by the Chief of Army Staff can challenged and contested by the so called perpetrator, what chance a mere Brigadier would have stood and to what purpose. These things happen and will continue to do so. How to tackle the situation depends on the individuals: discipline inculcated during training and service, strength of character and moral courage, the value system inherited from the family background and more importantly the support from your wife.
With me under threats along with the offers, she would be looking back at the rear-view mirror, when were out driving, if some suspicious looking car was following us., no doubt quite thrilled in the process by becoming part of the Cloak and Dagger thrills and challenges.
Brig Lakshman Singh

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