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Are our borders safe with corrupt Officers leading the Military?

Mar 28 2012

Today India is largest buyer of armaments. It buys 10% of the global arms import beating both Pakistan and China. It is the most attractive defence market leading to capital expenditure of Rs.79,579 crores. Still we say Bharat Shanti Priya desh hai.
The fault for this lies firstly with Government and the Defence Ministry. Most of the Defence Minister and their deputies do not know anything about arms or ammunition. The maximum they have seen in their life is Danda. Though there are experts to help them, but how can one judge the honesty of these experts who are linked to arms lobbies since the days of Bofors. Any Senior Retd Army, Air force or Naval officer becomes an expert after retirement and joins one of the lobby as an expert or consultant. The Defence Babus are mere pawns in the hands of the higher ups including politicians. Our leaders need to be leaders in the real sense. They ought to be models of honesty, integrity, fair play and transparency. When our leaders and Ministers are facing charges of corruption, can its followers, the Army, Air Force. Navy or any one else be far behind.
The Civil India is corrupt and dishonest. In the past the Army used to live in their cantonements, far from the madding crowds. Today the army lives right in the middle of the town and major part of the officers are eating from the hands of the rich persons who have vested interests. They buy products from the Civil traders who give fake parts so that there is more volume. The CSD stores are the hotbed of blackmarket. One can see people standing outside CSD stores holding 10 VIP bags, 24 colgate tooth pastes, 25 cakes of soaps and what not. They are not meant for home use but to be sold outside. Some recent restrictions have been made but much needs to be done. The Army needs to be segregated from the civil world as one finds in USA and UK. The Army feels jealous of civilians richness and tries to copy their practices and life style in their careers.
There is too much of pampering of not only Army but all bureacrats including Police and Revenue Officers. This shows that our Govt. is weak and timid and cannot take any long term action. Reason it itself is corrupt. At the most they hand over the cases to CBI which has a poor record of solving the defence deals cases.
The recruitment pattern has to be changed. Though the Army is almost sixth in the order of priority in the mind of an unemployed youth, the practice of giving advantage to sons and daughters of the Army Officers in the recruitment as Officers is wrong as wrong stuff gets in and deserving candidates are neglected.
With this picture it is difficult to say whether our borders would be safe. Ab Watan kiss kay Hawale hoga, Saathiyo.
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