Sunday, July 1, 2012

ECHS: Letter to Chairman Oversight Committee

Dear General Raviraj,
I was delighted to speak with you on 27 Jun 2012 and to know you were heading a Committee to bring about improvement in the functioning of the ECHS. I would have been happier still if your charter included the possibilities of closing it down for at least those for whom it has become a pain in the neck.
On raising the Association the first essential thing we thought for Veterans was ASSURED MEDICAL FACILITY at Govt expense. During the first ten years we made many suggestions to the Govt about it but when we found a flaw in it we withdrew it, till we arrived at a flawless medicare policy scheme. This scheme was to be fully financed by the Govt.
It took me another ten years to get it sanctioned by no less a person than the Hon'ble PM himself on 26 Jul 2001. After its approval it was passed onto the Service Headquarters by the MOD with directions to produce the best scheme under those parameters and it would be fully financed by the Govt. The Govt was prepared to give that scheme within months.
Then our Service Headquarters came into play and denied us the best. I called it the greatest tragedy of life because my twenty years effort was destroyed , this time not by oft accused hostile bureaucracy but by our own Service Headquarters. When this was being destroyed I went and cried to the Chiefs and got course correction done three times, but finally the AG prevailed by deceit leaving us to curse our luck when we have to avail this facility.
What finally was dumped on us was a third rate copy of the outdated civil scheme of the CGHS. This scheme is basically a flawed scheme. No amount of flogging this dead horse is going to work. Your charter is therefore absolutely daunting and I sympathize with you.
Before the Scheme was launched the AG and the newly appointed MD of ECHS made a presentation at the USI telling us how good it was. I asked for perrmission to speak during the presentation,but was not allowed. Then I made out a paper and distributed to over 500 officers during the presentation. What I wrote then was true then and continues to be true even now. I am attaching that paper for you to go through now (not attached HERE being scan copy in pdf format). Will come back with more later.
This paper was presented to the COSC when they invited me for presntation to them on 25 Nov 2003 and to the Defense Parliamentary Committee several times. They all agreed with me but wanted to see its functioning for some time before reconsidering the decision. Now afer ten years we have not only seen its functioning but also suffered enough. Its time to act before it is too late. I will keep sending you some mails which would give you the immensity of the problem. Warm regards
Lt Col Inderjit Singh
Chairman AEIWA

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