Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CSD Scam: Spurious Brands Promoted

Senior manager among four arrested in defence canteen scam
Mumbai, Jul 1, 2012, (PTI):
The CBI has arrested a general manager of Ministry of Defence's Canteen Stores Separtment (CSD) and three others here in an alleged graft case related to promotion of some brands for supplying to defence forces' canteens
The CBI sources said they have arrested Joint General Manager Bikas Ranjan Daschaudhary, who holds rank equivalent to a Brigadier, Milind Govilkar of private firm Sankalp Consumer Products Limited and two others in the alleged graft case.
The case was registered on the information that Sankalp Consumers Products Pvt Ltd allegedly acted as marketing arm and representative of number of companies in an unauthorised manner against the policy laid by CSD, they said.
Sankalp through Govilkar and officials of CSD allegedly entered into criminal conspiracy with each other and in furtherance of the said conspiracy manipulated various demands of CSD items in favour of the clients of Sankalp, the sources said.
They said the company was allegedly favoured by CSD officials at various stages in CSD such as introduction of items, price revision, delayed and excess supply, demand creation, budget allocation etc.
Such favours were allegedly extended in lieu of huge illegal gratifications to CSD officials.On a tip-off, CBI arrested Daschaudhary and Govilkar red-handed while they were allegedly receiving bribe of Rs 1.5 lakh at former's residence, they said.
"Searches were also conducted at 20 places in the country at the official and residential premises of the accused persons and the suspected officials. During the search incriminating documents, huge cash and jewellery were recovered," CBI said in a statement.
CSD operates from its Head Office at Mumbai and has depots all over India to provide consumer goods to the active duty and retired personnel of Army, Navy and Air Force.
Senior manager among four arrested in defence canteen scam
Comment: The Military run CSD Depots and Unit Run Canteens are a hotbed of corruption. All the CSD depots dump unwanted and spurious stuff to the unit run canteens. If units refuse the spurious or unwanted stuff than they are victimised by not issuing items on the demand list. Depot officals take crates of liquor from units to materialise the items demanded through monthly Intent (list of items). Very difficult to catch the hardened criminals. The corrupt must be weeded out. The CBI catching the smaller fish is not enough, it must go after the bigger ones sitting in MOD who plan and execute the wholesale loot and receive bribes incognito.

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