Saturday, May 29, 2010

Indian fakes galore: Now a fake GOI Memorandum

‘Fake’ allowance hike order fools central govt employees
Was it an April Fool prank or a case of an adventurous babu arbitrarily announcing increase in overtime allowances to please colleagues in central government offices?

The case in question is that of a “fake” order being circulated in these offices on increasing allowances on the basis of a circular issued by the finance ministry on April 1 last.

Although a high-level inquiry has been ordered by the finance ministry and the department of personnel and training (DoPT), no clue has yet been found on who was behind the mischief. The office memorandum number 1(4)/2010E-II dated 27/3/2010 was issued by the finance ministry with the signature of under secretary S Rajan Chandranaydu.

“The case is being probed by senior officials. But nothing as yet has been found,” a DoPT official said. “The possibility of it being an April Fool prank is also being looked into. But even in such a case, the guilty could face the music,” he said.

The official clarified that it had nothing to do with DoPT, which is the nodal department on such issues. “It pertains to the finance ministry and they are probing it,” he said.

The issue came to the notice of DoPT after enthusiastic central government officials started seeking details of the hiked overtime allowances, such as the date from which they would become operative. Acting swiftly, DoPT got in touch with the finance ministry, only to discover that the order was fake.

To set the record straight, DoPT issued a fresh office memorandum to clear doubts about the veracity of the order. “It is clarified that no such instruction has been issued by either DoPT or the finance ministry. The ministries and departments are advised not to take cognisance of the fake instructions being circulated in central government offices,” the office memorandum signed by DoPT director Simmi R Nakra said.
Source: DNA India
CG Staff News: Fake Office Memorandum from Government Ministries

  • We have heard about fake currencies under circulation.
  • We have heard fake and counterfeit Stamp Papers under circulation.
  • We have heard of indian art fakes.
  • We have heard of fake colleges and degrees.
  • We have heard of fake distilled water.
  • We have heard of fake Indian Doctors.
  • We have heard about life saving fake drugs.
  • We have heard of fake encounters to bump off criminals by police.
  • We have heard of fake Politicians taking the garb of Political criminals.
  • Not forgetting fake passports, fake ids, fake licences, fake land documents, fake registration and so forth.
  • Now for the first time “Fake Government Orders” under circulation.
    Government of India– Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure– has issued an order stating that there had been a Fake Government Order enhancing the OT Rates from 1.1.2008 in the name of Department of Expenditure dated 27.03.2010– All are warned that no payment shall be made on the basis of the Fake Order!!
  • It is really funny that even Government Orders are being faked in this country!
    Are we heading towards...
  • A fake democracy?
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