Monday, May 24, 2010

National Security: Expat Pilots

AI crash: Focus back on expat pilots
Mangalore: The crash of the Air India Express plane piloted by a Serbian national on Saturday has put the focus back on whether foreign pilots with various Indian air carriers are able to operate in a country with a diverse topography.
There are around 560 expat pilots currently employed with various airlines in India and they account for 10 per cent of the total strength of 5,500 civilian pilots.

Air India Express, the low-cost arm of the national carrier, has 125 expat pilots and they reportedly face a number of problems while operating a flight in the country when they are in the cockpit. In all, Air India has 250 expat pilots.

"Expat pilots should be removed because they are not familiar with the diverse topography in India," a retired Indian Airlines pilot, who did not wish to be identified, said.

The common problems that expat pilots face are related to communication and lack of knowledge of topography of Indian terrain, a senior pilot association official said. According to ATC sources, air traffic controllers find it hard to communicate with expat pilots.

"Many a times, foreign pilots are unable to follow the instructions because of the difference in our accent. Also we find it hard to understand what an expat pilot is saying in his hard accent," an ATC source said.

The Indian Commercial Pilots Association of erstwhile Indian Airlines has been often demanding that expat pilots must be asked to go home as there is no shortage of pilots in the country.

"We have been asking the DGCA for their removal and induction of Indian pilots. But every time, the deadline for their removal is extended due to some pressure of the airline companies," an ICA official said.

The government recently extended the time-frame for phasing out foreign pilots employed by Indian carriers by one year up to July 31, 2011. The move came in the wake of demands by Air India and other airlines that the time be extended beyond July 31, 2010.

The existing policy for validation of foreign (pilots) licences is valid up to July 31, 2010. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had requested airline operators to submit their plan for phasing out expatriate pilots along with net requirement of these pilots beyond that date, according to Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel.

Patel said that since 2008, the number of foreign pilots has come down considerably and gradually Indian pilots, who have mostly been co-pilots, would soon be elevated to the status of commanding pilots.

Overseas pilots were allowed to fly Indian aircraft initially as during 2004-05, there was stagnation in the aviation sector.

However, after the sector started looking up, in order to maintain the momentum, foreign pilots continued to be inducted. The DGCA has started a programme for phased reduction of the expat pilots.

According to Patel, Indian pilots are capable of flying under any condition and their training and qualification can be compared to the best in the world.
AI crash: Focus back on expat pilots

National Air Space Security Threat
Does the MHA give security clearance for the expat pilots before being employed by the Indian Air Carriers? Employing 500 expat pilots without proper int background check will prove disastrous in the long run. The complete air space of India can be compromised or jeopardised. Why are our Intelligence Agencies not objecting to deployment of expat pilots in our skies? The Military Intelligence in coordination with Air force authorities need to actively engage in detecting security lapses from this angle. There is a need to keep a tab and be extra vigilant. Past experience indicates that spies, terrorists and Hawala operators take advantage of the Recruitment Agencies whose only mission is to make huge commissions. Moderator

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