Friday, July 8, 2011

Majors reduced to Minors: More Inputs

Hi! Buddies,
With due regards to your feelings, literature writing and part analysis of the whole problem. I would still say that there is a reuirement of re-appreciation of the actual wrong done to our catagory of officers.
In fact late risers are always wiser. I had already represented against the wrong done to our our catagory of officers in no uncertain terms; and pettitioned before PM, The President, RM, FM, Service Chief, and others in June 2008 and continue doing so from time to time. The genesis of the wrong done to pre 1996 retiree Majors and equivalent by VI CPC are:
1. We are placed in pay band 3, with employees of different identity group (JCOs) and have been delinked from our own identity group i.e. Indian Commission Officers. It can be termed as socio-economic deprivation.
2. Presuming, if govt grants us the parity as you all wise people are trying, in our rank only. Then, post 2006 retirees Majors are those with less than 13 years of commission service and with qualification of pre 1996 Captains/Flt Lt/Sub Lt. Parity with them in any case would be parity among unequals. Our, passing of promotional exams and service rendered as substantive field officers (Major) qualifies us for parity with post 21 Dec 2004 or post 2006 retiree Lt Cols or their equivalent in navy and air force. Now:
(a) I would like to ask you all, where is the doubt in this distinct wrong done to us?
(b) Do you not all find that this VI CPC has harmed only pre 1996 and partly pre 21 Dec 2004 but post 1996 retiree Majors or their equivalents in every respects? Then why are you all shying to put the main problem accross?
(c) Though, an appreciable move at the outset yet, do you think by your modesty in presentation of 2ndary wrongs will make any impact on the people with deaf ears and impaired social sights? Has this Govt any time left for us; while facing the blames of national and international scams and fighting the anti corruption movements.
(d) Do you find that your all, but own, Captains of the ships pre and post retirement, have identified your grievances in toto? No, surely not because, we ourselves are not very clear about the wrongs done to us. We all got this rank as a fourth promotion and now post 21 Dec 2004 promotee Lt Col are getting this as their fourth promotion. Earlier Major (Sub Unit Cdrs)used to be the minimum non select rank for retirement and now Lt Col (Sub Unit Cdrs) is minimum non select rank for retirement. By setting this wrong-done alright, of pre 1996 retirees Majors; the other wrongs will automatically be resolved. Therefore, let us have a canine approach than felline one. This is our right and we are not asking for any alms. We have already waisted our precious time in beating about the bushes but to no avail. I think, it would not be wise to stop our parallel actions merely on gentlemanly hopes risen after writing such letters that at the most, may be preserved as literal piece of presentation and nothing else. Because, the decision rests with only one person of UPA in the Centre and she has negatively charged bodies around. Nonetheless; my heartfelt gratitude to Mr rajiv Chandra sekhar, MP; who had been taking up veterans case in general with the Govt. He, if explained our main issue correctly, can do miracles for our catagory of officers also.
It is for everybody's information that I, along with my co-petitioners, am filing petition for the above mentioned parity, no sooner I recover from my ailment.
Onkar Negi

Respected All,
I am perfect agreement with Major Onkar, however, at the same time we must go on to wrestle with the regime for the execution of AFTs orders. If it can be of any help in our case, I am attaching AFT Kolkata order passed in favor of petitioner who retired after 21 December 2004 (On 31 December 2006 and RCO, just after completion of 12 years of commissioned service), to grant him rank of Lt Col with all pensioneri benefit of his notional rank i. e. Lt Col.
Yours Truly,
Major D S Kundu (Retd)
AFT Kolkata Judicial Ruling: click here

Dear Major,
Thanks for recognising my logic. I am a prematured retiree of May 1990 and have been worst affected by IV, V and VI CPC.
I know about Maj Ravinder's case, he is an RCO or now SCO who, claimed the rank of Lt Col because he had completed 14 years by default; and that has rightly been allowed to him by AFT Kolkata.
There is a lot of pressure on the UPA Govt from all quarters; but they have turned white eyes to all our representations and judicial winnings. They are busy in saving their predicament from ongoing scams and scandals under their governance.
Wrestling is not in the procedural process of judiciary but we will have to invoke our appellate rights and file formal reports or contempt of the court against UOI. Any way that can be seen simultaneously.
I would now be filing petition against the specific wrong done to us by VI CPCR and felonious implementation by the Govt machinery.
Onkar Negi

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