Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Majors reduced to Minuscules by Bureaucrats

Dear Sqn Ldr Srinivasan,
I am extremely grateful to you for the e-mail you have sent out for our cause.

Today every aspect of Indian bureaucracy, including the once pristine armed forces, is in complete shambles due to personal greed, selfishness and lack of leadership. The prime minister is not someone like Winston Churchill of Napoleon Bonaparte whom you quote but a weakling acting like the Regent at the imperial court of the uncrowned Queen of India, an unworthy import of the notorious "BOFORS CHOR" from the land of mafia.

On top of all this is the alarming political VACUUM at the top due to total lack of direction and patriotism. Individually, a BILLION of us are aware of all this, but collectively, we cannot even match the punch delivered by one closed fist.

From top to bottom, we have the "baboos & banyas" ruling the roost showing little personal initiative and zero power of discretion, who cling to jobs by either being silent to the uproar around them or just giving response under the dark cloud of FEAR that translates into "If he is given an inch a million more will demand it!" And so NONE gets what is even legally due. Each of us will have a different story to tell- all full of bitter disappointments and despair.

I can only speak for myself. My own experience has been so disappointing and frustrating that I have lost all hope of getting a pie for pension any more. In short, I used to send Pension Bills to my bank in New Delhi. They in turn would misplace, lose or not receive them! I would send the same again, and finally by registered post. In June and November last year and in April this year I sent my pension claim through the Military Attache of Indian HC in London but received neither a reply nor pension money. CDA has gone silent if not dead. Finally on Christmas Day, 2010, I sent a letter to Defense Minister himself by air mail. It, too, brought NO result.

What I suggested to RM (Raksha Mantri) was that my pension should be credited by CDA every month without fail to my bank account in New Delhi and I would send LIFE CERTIFICATE to them once a year. This is the system in all civilized countries while India still seems to be stuck to her colonial past and, perhaps, waiting for a revolution to bring about a complete clean up.

Now I am thinking of addressing the Supreme Commander, a lady who seems as loyal to any Major, Air Commodore or ex serviceman as Nehru was to LAHORE in 1947 and Mrs. Feroze Khan (so-called Indira Gandhi!) was to East Bengal that was duly returned to the ENEMY after inflicting a crushing defeat on Pakistan when she could have even recovered North Kashmir, hands down.

So I have come to the conclusion that "Raksha Mantri" or the "Rashtrapatni", they are all stuck to glue like a flapping fly. After decades of observation one can identify the nature of this glue. But that is another story that has to do with the illegitimate and ignominious birth of the "Partitioned Indian Secular State" in 1947 rather than just the "majors to minuscules".
Fortunately I am living in the United Kingdom where I shall not face starvation or poverty like my former 'comrades in arms' in Bharat right now. I feel sorry for the charities that I used to support in the land of my birth (India).
Rajinder Singh Rajput

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