Sunday, September 12, 2010

Commission for Serving and Retired Defence Personnel

Dear Friends,
1. While passing a very significant and important order, the Supreme Court has asked the Govt to consider setting up of Separate Independent Commission headed by a retired judge both for serving and retired members of the Armed Forces. A bench comprising of Justice Markandey Katju and TS Thakur asked Attorney General GE Vahanvati and Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium to forward the suggestion to the Govt and get its response by October 18, the next date of hearing of the rank pay case.
2. The following other observations have been made by the Supreme Court:-
(a) The forces are disciplined, that is the reason why they do not hold violent rallies. BUT THEY ARE RETURNING MEDALS IN PROTEST. They have done so much for the country, but they get a feeling that bureaucrats don’t hear them.
(b) There is discontentment amongst the serving and the retired armed forces personnel highlighted by recent return of medals, burning of artificial limbs and fratricidal assaults.
(c) Armed Forced have many grievances which are not being properly addressed by the Union Govt.
(d) SC slammed the Govt for making Defence personnel run from pillar to post for getting their salary disputes resolved. “The day the soldiers are forced to fight for their salaries, it would be a sad day for the country, the bench remarked”.
3. The above order of the SC bench and its observations clearly reveal apathy, neglect and negative attitude of the Govt and bureaucracy towards the grievances of pay and pensions of Defence Personnel.
4. The return of medals has been forced on the ESM as the peaceful method of protest to express deep anguish and hurt feelings by the Defence personnel.
5. Return of medals is NEITHER “Nautanki” nor an undignified method of protest.
6. Medals are won through hard toil and sacrifice by the soldiers and are too close to their heart. Depositing the medals is extreme step to express their protest in the strongest manner. The President and the Govt should have taken it as an unprecedented step by the Defence personnel and should given the highest priority to provide Justice to them by accepting their demands. Return of medals is the method adopted by the Protest Movement for which the Govt has no answer. Rather than considering the genuine demands of the Defence Personnel, the Govt and bureaucracy have adopted extreme indifferent and negative attitude by hardening its stand.
7. The revelations by the Independent MP Mr. Chandrasekhar that PM and RM have shown concern to the demand of OROP but one or two senior bureaucrats have taken on themselves to teach the ESM lesson for airing their views in public and returning medals.
8. Well friends, the Protest Movement has reached the stage/phase where we the ESM, our families, dependents and supporters need to Unite realistically to intensify the Protest Movement and take it to its logical conclusions. We therefore, appeal to all ESM and ESM organisations across the country to join in the efforts for getting our demands met at the earliest.
9. The next event of Return of Medals and signing memorandum in blood is being planned in Nov/Dec 2010 to coincide with the parliament session. This is the time when all ESM who have not deposited their medals to come forward and do so in large numbers. We appeal to all conveners at all levels, other ESM organizations across the country and ESM to please carry out a blitzkrieg campaign and collect maximum medals and signatures in blood for the memorandum to be presented to the Supreme Commander. A reasonable target of ten thousand medals and blood signatures/thumb impression per district are requested to be achieved. Performa for Blood Signatures is attached. The date of the event will be announced shortly. In the intervening period, all conveners and other ESM organisations are requested to hold rallies, candle light vigil, discussions, write articles etc to build up sentiments for our demands.
10. We will remain peaceful and conduct the event in a dignified and meaningful manner.
With Kind Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM

Letters from Readers
Dear Sir (Colonel Inderjit Singh),
The genises of OROP was indeed an eye- opener.It exposes the `lies` that the `babus`& some `netas` indulge in. I have always maintained that the `babus` are the villains in the `piece`.They are ruling/running/ruining the country & couldn`t be bothered also as long as their greed is satiated.For them the `netas` are `aya rams & gaya rams` who keep coming & going but the `babus` go on forever with their nefarious designs.The `head` of the present dispensation at the Centre is also a former `babu`. As somebody remarked in yesterday`s paper - what is the use of his personal honesty & integrity, when all around him are corrupt `netas & babus` - it means he is a party to all the rot in system.

Unfortunately, the `babus` under - estimated the Armed Forces who have always stood to fight & win.Only this time it is a fight for our rights & WE SHALL WIN AS ALWAYS.
Brig (Retd) SS Jaswal, Veteran Madras Sapper

Dear Col Inderjit Singh
Sir, I appreciate from core of my heart. My father Late Capt Sheonarain Ram used to praise you and all your actions. He has attainded many of your calls for duty to present the OROP case. There are people who are required to take the tangent views in prickly manners and poisonous ways. They are also required. They are maverick and they incite us to be more straight and punch the kick in 100% success. You have expressed and taught us the history of OROP. Thank you
Col DP BADSRA (Retd)

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