Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Sir,
The "We the people" episode on OROP on 12th Sep 2010 left me a little disappointed. The subject of discussions was OROP but drifted somewhat. I am not too sure if it was by design or not. Far too many issues were brought up. Inequality, injustice, Service conditions, disability pension, litigations, etc. are all valid but general in nature. Only General Kadyan mentioned that OROP would bring honour & equity amongst the ranks.

Ms. Libheran's point was essentially legal. If OROP was legally untenable for people serving in different eras with different pay scales, it was equally untenable for people with fixed but different salaries, like the Secretaries, Service Chiefs, Army Commanders, MP's , et al.

Prof. Shah's point of 65 year old parents living in the same house with son earning more being life's reality, though true, is debatable. The majority of the 65 year old parents he was talking about would have served till the age of 60 before retiring. In our case, it is not so.

As for Ms. Anand, her take on all jobs not being equal is also debatable. Someone did mention that guarding the border in 1948 & in 2010 did not entail much difference in job specification.

Lastly, the Financial burden brought up by a panelist. I wish he could have been reminded of reports of hordes of Civil servants drawing wages while not in service. Or of Rajiv Gandhi's reported view that of every Rupee spent on welfare, only 17 Paise went to the intended beneficiary.

There would have been no need for any debate if we had a system where all youth had to undergo a compulsory Military Service, even if for no more than 2 years' duration. That would bring about the necessary understanding of the Military so passionately expressed in Uday's concluding remark.
Yours Sincerely,
Veteran, MB Ghosh
Vice Admiral

Honour and Equity
We need to continuously strive to urge our MPs to provide the benefits and recognition, namely One Rank One Pension, to our deserving Ex Servicmen (veterans) through an Act of Parliament. Honour and equity benefits to include ESM health care, service- connected disability compensation, non- service connected disability compensation, dependent indemnity compensations, death pension (full pension to family as if he would have served his full term in that rank) and pension. One Rank One Pension (OROP) embraces honour, equity and justice for all Retired Military Personnel.

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