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CWG: Indian Army asked to fight mosquitoes

Dengue fever is a febrile illness caused by an RNA flavivirus that is spread by the bites of mosquitoes. The symptoms of dengue include fever, headache, rash, severe pains in the muscles and joints, and pain behind the eyes. The severe muscle pains have led some to call the disease "break bone fever".

Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi has sought the help of Indian Army personnel for specific tasks to ensure a successful conduct of the 2010 Games.
  • Suresh Kalmadi seeks Indian Army’s assistance for Common Wealth Games 2010
  • Commonwealth Games: Army asked to work for free by Rajat Pandit, TNN, Aug 21, 2010, 12.44am IST

    New Delhi, Sept. 8: With dengue cases in the city crossing the 1,400 mark, the Indian Army will be drafted to fight mosquito menace near the Commonwealth Games Village, where athletes and delegates will stay during the Oct-3-14 mega event, an official said Wednesday.

    A decision to deploy the army was taken at a meeting of health officials held by Delhi health minister Kiran Walia and Lt. Governor Tejendra Khanna has accorded it his approval, according to Municipal Corporation of Delhi's
    Public Health Committee chairman V.K. Monga.

    A letter will soon be sent to the army authorities, and army personnel willin a day or two start working with the help of MCD staffers, who apparently are finding it difficult to drain out water from the Village surroundings.

    The services of the army's engineering department are being secured to help in this task, officials said.

    Due to massive construction work in and around the Games Village, which has been built on the Yamuna's river-bed in east Delhi, and ar other venues for the mega sporting event, Delhi has witnessed a surge in dengue cases.

    Monga told IANS that the Army will drain out water from water pools near the Games Village, spray anti-larval chemical in the area, and clean and level pools flooded with incessant rains and Yamuna water.

    He said the Army's help has been sought as it is better equipped to deal with such situations and its pesonnel can go down in the water.

    "They also have all the equipment required for the work," Monga added.

    At least 24 Commonwealth countries have made inquiries about the status of dengue in the capital.

    Mosquito breeding will be at its peak during the hot and humid October and the Yamuna banks are likely to be the main breeding ground for mosquitoes responsible for dengue and malaria, an official said.
    Delhi asks Army to fight mosquitoes September 8th, 2010

    Citizen comments
    Submitted by Pasupathy on Thu, 09/09/2010 - 9:36am.
    The Indian Army organized the International Military Games in Hyderabad with aplomb. Probably if the Army was tasked to coduct CWG four years ago they would have done it in a professional and economic way and the funds that has been spent/ going to be spent could have been utilised to equip the Army to meet their critical shortages. It is an irony that Indian Army has been called to fight mosquitoes in Delhi. What image we are projecting for the Country and the Army? May be some international players may withdraw from competing due to the mosquito menace.

    Submitted by AKC on Wed, 08/09/2010 - 11:51pm.
    Why should Indian Army get involved in this filth that our politicians created. This clearly shows that there was no proper planning done either by Common Wealth Games Organization Committee that is conducting the games and the Govts at the center and Delhi UT. Army should outrightly reject this request. There are other things that the Army can take care of. This (cleaning) needs to be done with the help of other departments as well as with the help of social organizations. Don't we have NCC cadets and other people from surronding muncipalities who can take care of this mess. As a last resort, para-military forces can be used but certainly NOT Army. Personally, I feel that these games will project India in bad-light and will bring bad name. It is too late to call it off now, anyway. Possible Corrective measures need to be taken at the earliest and save some pride.

    Submitted by blaze on Wed, 08/09/2010 - 8:17pm.
    ha ha ha mosquitos are more harmful than maoists. Politicians are money eaters and should be given the highest punishment for their crime.

    Submitted by Ravi Shendarkar on Wed, 08/09/2010 - 7:58pm.
    Either the Delhi government needs to be admitted to a mental hospital or the Army Authorities who will sanction troops to such unnoble cause.
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