Monday, September 13, 2010

Overwhelming responses to NDTV Programme on OROP

Dear Chander,
After listening to "We the People" this evening two brief points that our movement could make as the struggle continues.
First every direct entry IAS and IPS officer goes home as secretary to GOI or equivalent. If he or she does not get the rank at the center they get it in their respective states. We all know the number of DGs and principle secretaries that each has. A little research may establish that this is true for even Defense accounts and for that matter all other Class 1 services. The exceptions could be only those who enter service at ages beyond 26 years or thereabouts. An RTI could prove my point. And this also explains why only the defense services are agitating.
Second is the uniqueness of our service (a point adequately emphasized). Everyone else is a mister or Mrs during service and after retirement. The defense services have been given the privilege to carry their rank till the last post is blown and after. So comparisons should be avoided.
A big hand to all those who spoke on our behalf.
Warm regards
Lt Gen Vinay Shankar, Former DG Arty

Dear Sir.
Watched the show at NDTV 24x7 by me and many of the ESM and the civilians whom I informed on phone.
Flooded with thanks for informing them for a wonderful show. Sir, OROP is no more the concern of only the ESM but it has taken the shape of the NATIONAL MOVEMENT.
My kudos to Barkha Dutt for having so beautifully conducted the entire show. She was in complete control of the entire proceedings and her reviewing of all the speakers and final summing up was worth watching. Special thanks to all the speakers on behalf of ESM fraternity and specially Mr Rajeev Chandeshekher, MP Parliament for his forceful support to the cause of ONE RANK ONE PENSION.
Ferreting out all facts and acting on them with an iron hand is the only way to ensure that the ESM fraternity doesn’t suffer at the hands of a few power-drunk fiends, the one exam Babus. Some of the speakers opposing our legitimate right did fumble out their reasons to the contrary.
It is really important that now we work as hard as we can with each other and that any kind of the Babus accusation and some of the PSEUDO ESM finger need not be worried. IT’S NOW OR NEVER and that shows that when the opposing forces get worse, that’s not the reason to slink away. On the contrary it’s a reason to work harder and aim higher.
Credentials of Mr. Davar to be ascertained of his being Capt and the ESM from the Armed Forces.
Best regards
Lt Col H S Kaushal
Member IESM

Rank Injustice: One Rank, One Pension
I happened to watch the program 'Rank Injustice: One Rank, One pension' on NDTV today. I am sorry to say that it was rank injustice to conclude the program by stating that it requires a more serious debate in Parliament. A debate in parliament will of course be needed for anything tangible to happen but a right conclusion to this debate itself was necesary for this program to have acted like a catalyst for that.
That aside, the discussion did expose how illiterates about matters military confound and confuse the issues. Firstly there was the former defence secretary who spoke like a typical bureaucrat- ignorant and arrogant (call it condescending, if you will) to boot! No, it is not OROP or the emotion that goes with it that has made me use these dscreptions. If the RTI Act has succeeded in any way till date, it has been only in exposing the fraud being perpetuated by the bureaucracy. And I dare say, given their job description and the competence with which they are seen doing it, the bureaucrats deserves to be paid less than sepoys of the army! Then there was the professor who was claiming that it was natural for the younger generation to earn more than their predecessors! The advocate who spoke seemed to be interested only in the court cases! (Natural there, isn't it? For, without litigation, where will she get her moolah from?) The youngsters who participated in the show did look better informed and more rational in their expressions.
Now to present my take on the issue. OROP is definitely not a matter of honour. It is just about bare minimum justice. Real justice would need not only OROP but also lateral/ re-employment till 60 years of age. On Maslow's heirarchy of needs, it will be just amoung the basic needs. Honour comes much higher up. One doubts whether the sycophants, court jestors et al who overlord our systems can even imagine such needs! Capt Sidhu really did express the frustration that has afflicted the armed forces community as a whole, veterans in particular. Let the nation be aware (beware)! There need not be any doubt that the idea of the nation itself is sustained by none other than the members of the armed forces!
Yours truly
Veteran Major P M Ravindran

Rights under our constitution have been extended in application throughout the Nation and States and even to non-citizens and entities such as corporations and trusts. However, and surprisingly to many, the same rights afforded under due process are not necessarily extended to one deserving group— our Nation’s Ex Servicemen (Veterans). This is in spite of the special provisions. privileges and benefits that are specified in the Army Act of 1950 and revised thereafter... click here
The legal cases pending in various courts and non- implementation of the court rulings and orders are a testimony to the injustices heaped on ESM. Can the Bureaucrats get away scot free from their misdeeds? One example is the Rank Pay hanging fire since 1986. Will anyone be made accountable?
Ms Indu Libermamn who is a bureaucrat and a assumed legal expert did display her craft in tandem with Davar to rubbish the honour, status and rank of the Military Personnel by terming OROP as impractical, implausible, intangible and untenable.

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