Thursday, September 16, 2010

NDTV OROP: The backstage story and its significance


The NDTV Programme of 12 Sep 10, on OROP. “Rajeev speaks for One Rank, One Pension on "We The People" programme on NDTV - September 12, 2010 - Watch video clips below. Total duration 49 minutes.

I watched the programme with great expectations and they were not belied.
Kameshwar Sahib has given a very good account of what happened before the show and the long term benefits of preparation of an audience which is not exposed to the Services.
I have also had interaction with civilians who had watched the show and found that they were aghast at the injustice meted out to soldiers.
I must say that we were lucky that we had MPs Rajeev Chandershekhar and Manvendra Singh to support us. They will be a great help when the Parliament discusses the matter.
Now as regards our servicemen's contribution, I felt there was a deficiency. Had it not been for Capt Sidhu's and Hony Lt Kameshwar Pandey's forceful contributions the impact would have been minimal. Sidhu's assertion brought tears to my wife's and my eyes. While Pandey Sahib's threat and warning that if the govt thinks that it can divide officers, JCOs and men the result could be drastic, was potent. Also that the soldiers will not brook delay any longer.
I regret the senior officers present acted as gentlemen to a fault. This has been the bane of the Services and the bureaucrats have ridden roughshod over us for all these years. Its time we put our gloves on and vehemently expose lies and subterfuges of the govt/ bureaucarcy.
Why didnt we expose the way every civil service has upgraded its appointments and ours have been downgraded? How a Chief Secretary who was junior to a Brig is now senior to an Army Cdr in his own state. The senior most police officer in a state, who used to get less pay than a brig now gets a salary equivalent to an Army Cdr.
Have the IAS and IPS done something special to deserve this special treatment? This is how honour is affected! In fact the IAS & IPS are responsible for keeping the Army and all the paramilitary forces busy during peacetime, due to bad governance on their part.
I presume a TV programme has time limitations but we should have brain stormed and identified our bullet points for emphasis. Such opportunities do not come our way very often. Anyway, there hopefully will be an another occasion soon as other TV cahnnels will be wanting to have a similar programme.
I hope I have not trod on too many toes and my opinion is taken in the correct spirit.
Bahri (Lt Gen SK Bahri)

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