Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NDTV OROP Debate: Readers Responses and feedback

Ref: NDTV Video on OROP Debate- click here

Dear Gen Kadyan and Gen Satbir,
First of all please accept my compliments for leading a great campaign unparalleled in the history of serving and veteran soldiers and building up the crescendo. You are doing a wonderful job. Objective is within sight. Please keep it up. Secondly I wish to caution you against a pitfall trap of the IAS lobby. They are too cunning and clever. Watch out your flanks and the hidden trap. Slowly and methodically they are trying to turn the civilian and by implication the general public against the veterans, by pitching the comparison of civilian professional with the Army like that of paramilitary forces, railways, firefighters, relief and rescue workers and so on. My suggestion is -- please do not get drawn to this argument as and when a civilian profession is compared with Army. Simply stick to our stand of equal pension for equal amount of service and the post held at the time of retirement. If government is convinced let them give OROP to all civilians. Why should we have objection? You may like to issue an advisory on these lines. In the NDTV programme one veteran was trying to justify the risk to life of a fire fighter vis a vis a soldier. This sort of discussion even if true does not go well with civilians. Regards,
Brig CL Lakhanpal (Retd)

I saw the NDTV program & was aghast at the hypocrisy and duplicity two female lawyers who were making out as if there was no legal basis for equal rank , equal pension. They did not seem to notice how come the MPS & most IAS retire with it . And what big fees they charge to open their mouths in court.
The treatment meted out to Army is no different than to others serving the nation, and is meted out by the selfish & corrupt IAS & MP combine.

They have the easiest of jobs, are arrogant to the core, zero accountability , have routinely filled their own pockets & consider themselves indispensable to the nation, while for the most part they are corrupt, inefficient & a burden to the nation.

Army needs to be treated as special service as we live in a hostile neighborhood & face threats from within too. The nation has to face ignominies & is unable to talk up to China & punish Pakistan for its open use of terrorism . Rather we offer Pak aid on their own terms.

In the face of reality around us we need to give the army the best of equipment & service & retirement terms to attract & retain the best . Those who suffer disabilities need our special care & consideration . Their families need our full support to lead a proud decent life. Their children should be eligible for 100% free education where ever they want to study.

The high morale of our Army is our best protection. In a country where corruption & inefficiency costs us lacs of crores per annum, where food grains rot, development money is routinely siphoned off, crores are siphoned off wasted on some stupid games, money is never a consideration & never will be.
Ajay S Hooda

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